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See also: Counting


I can measure and measure

Whatever I choose,

But it makes a big difference

Which ruler I use.

My pencil is eight inches,

My crayon it is four.

My chair is 16 inches wide,

Do you think yours is more?

With a centimeter ruler

I measure the same way.

But the measurements are greater

Than the inch ruler would say.


A little ball,

A bigger ball,

A great big ball, I see.

Come and count

The balls with me,



Measure your hand,

Measure your nose.

Measure your feet,

Measure your toes.

Measure your head,

Then, your ears and your chin.

You're smiling, you're happy,

Let's measure your grin!

(Hand out strings of yarn, to measure by mouse tails.)



Itsy, Bitsy Spider

One Seed


Flannel Board Story:

Grandpa's Magic Seed     FlannelGraphs: flannel board fun for little ones, preschool-grade 3 by Jean Stangl, c1986


Extras: Measuring by mouse tails; bring in several measurement tools--cups, spoons, rulers



Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein

Best Bug Parade by Stuart J. Murphy

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