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4th of July

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5 little firecrackers standing in a row.
One gets lit and off it goes.
It zips up high with a zoom, zoom, zoom.
Here it goes, BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!
(make the BOOMS as loud as you can. This can be a finger play or a flannel board).


Look way up high,           (put hand above eyes, look upward)

In the dark night sky.
See pretty fireworks        (open and close hands quickly while moving them around)

On the Fourth of July.

"Ooh" and "aah"              (say "ooh" and "aah")

The crowd will say.

Until the last burst            (open and close hands slowly and move them in a downward motion to lap)

Fades away.

Happy birthday,  America.


Please sit down everyone,

I'm going to tell a story.

About our country's famous flag,

It's nickname is "Old Glory."

Stars and stripes are on our flag,

They're red, and white and blue.

It tells the world that we are free,

And proud to be here too!


Sputter, sputter, up so high,

We can see the lighted sky.

Illuminations up so high,

Celebrating the Fourth of July.


4th of July--apple pie,

A picnic in the park,

And then, designs in the sky--

Always, after dark.


Firecrackers, firecrackers,

We see them in July,

Like little bursts of diamonds,

Falling from the sky.

Firecrackers, firecrackers,

Exploding, oh, so high,

We can see them bursting,

On the 4th of July.



America the Beautiful

God Bless America

If I Had a Hammer

My Country 'tis of Thee

This Land is Your Land

Parade Came Marching (Chapin)

What Did Delaware, Boys?

Yankee Doodle Dandy

You're a Grand Old Flag


Extras: American Flag toothpicks; key chains --red, white and blue stars; sparklers; bubblewrap spread out on floor, --have children stomp on it. It sounds like firecrackers but it's safe. Just do a birthday party theme--in celebration of America's birthday.  (PUBYAC 6-28-2011) Wrist bands made with red, white and blue streamers--ribbon or felt.

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