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A-hug, a-hug, a-hug,

Gimme a squeeze,

A-hug, a-hug, a-hug,

Gimme a squeeze,

A-hug, a-hug, a-hug,

Gimme a squeeze—


A hug and a squeeze.



1 Little baby rocking in a tree.

2 little babies splashing in the sea.

3 little babies crawling on the floor.

4 little babies banging on the door.

5 little babies playing hide & seek.

Keep your eyes closed tight--

Until I say—PEEK! 


Mama says to Papa, "Don't touch the baby."

Papa says to Sister, “Don’t touch the baby.”

Sister says to Brother, “Don’t touch the baby.”

Which one is the Baby? ‘DON’T TOUCH THE BABY!”


This little baby rocked in a cradle,

This little baby jumped in bed,                                                         

This little baby crawled on the carpet,                                            

This little baby bumped her head.                                                    

This little baby played hide’n’seek,                                                 

Where’s that little baby?                                                                                   

oo-oo-ooh, peek! (repeat)   


Little fingers,                                                                                                        

Little toes,

Little mouth,                                                                                         

Little nose,                                                                                           

Little ears                                                                                              

With which to hear,                                                                            

Little baby,                                                                                           

So precious & dear.                                                                                             


5 Little babies were playing together one day.

1 saw a ball, he crawled away.

4 Little babies…

1 saw a rattle, he crawled away.

3 Little babies…

1 saw a kitty-cat, she crawled away.

2 Little babies…

1 saw a teddy bear, he crawled away.

1 Little baby, playing by herself,…

Cried for her mommy, who took her away.


This is a baby ready for a nap

Lay him down in his mother's lap.

Cover him up so he won’t peep,                                                       

Rock him till he’s fast asleep.                                                            


(sing to: Good King Wenceslaus)                                                    

Babies are a chubby bunch,                                                              

Some are skinny too.                                                                          

Eating applesauce for lunch.                                                             

Momma holds the spoon.                                                                  

Baby bottles, diapers, naps,                                                              

Riding in the stroller,                                                                          

We were little babies once,                                                                               

But now we are much older.


Baby in a high chair, baby in a bib,

Baby in a stroller, baby in a crib.

Baby with the giggles, baby with a smile,

Such a lovely baby, happy all the while.

                --Jack Prelutsky



I’ll give you a butterfly kiss on your nose
I’ll give you one next to your eye
I’ll give you a kiss on your fat little cheek
And then I’ll wave bye bye.
     --King County Library System


Sing a song for baby,

Sing a song of joy.

We have a little girl,

We have a little boy.

Dance a dance for baby,

Happy as can be.

We have a brand-new baby,

We’re a family.

                --Stephanie Calmenson



Here are some of baby's things:

Bottle, rattle, teething rings,

Rocking chair, teddy bear,

Clothes on hooks, lots of books,

Cuddly blanket, cozy crib,

Cup and spoon, pretty bib.

What other things do you see?

Can you say their names for me?

                --Stephanie Calmenson


One little baby touches his nose,

Another baby wiggles her toes.

One baby laughs,

Another one cries.

This one plays peek-a-boo,

And hides his eyes.

Peek-a-boo, kitten!

          --Stephanie Calmenson


Here is a ball for baby, big, and soft and round.

Here is baby's hammer,see how he can pound.

Here is baby's music, clapping, clapping so.

Here's the baby's soldiers, standing in a row.

Here's the big umbrella to keep the baby dry.

And here's the baby's cradle, to rock the baby when he cries.


Finger Plays:

Where, Oh Where, Are Babies Fingers?

You Be the Ice Cream



Baby, Put Your Pants On


Tap, Tap, Tap, Go Baby Shoes


Flannel Board:

Hush, Little Baby


Extras:  Door-hanger, (Baby's Sleeping)



On Mother's Lap, Ann Herbert Scott, c.1992

Will You Mind the Baby, Davy, B.Weininger, c.1997

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