Baby Storytime

Babies are indeed special! Your colleagues are wondering what works for you?

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FYI: Instant Bib--Ribbon tied at either end to hair clips. Attach clips to napkin, ta-da! 

Carry with you in plastic zip-top snack bag, (less bulkier than a regular bib).


PUBYAC 7-12-2011

One thing I say when doing a big book with infants is "I know your baby can't see the pictures in this big book clearly, but . . . they LOVE the sound of your voice. So, say the words along with me to help keep your baby's interest."


Open-ended Activities allows for creativity, dialog and exploration. Babies are VERY tactile. Keep them safe!

Greeting cards (without loose, small pieces & glitter), can be used to create stories/ID objects.

Plastic can covers can be decorated with stickers. (This develops fine motor skills)

Make your own book, using photo albums.

Play dress up--hats, slips, shoes.

A child can learn to turn pages by using catalogs.

Music is a large part of the child's world, sing your way through the day.