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see also: http://www.teach-nology.com/worksheets/early_childhood/color/tubbear/

Building Language in the Bathtub (Mel's Desk: 5-9-2013)


"Oh, Alice, where are you going?"

"Upstairs to take a bath."

Oh, Alice with legs like toothpicks,

And a neck like a giraffe--ta, da, da, da, da, da.

Oh, Alice stepped in the bathtub,

Pulled out the plug, and then...

Oh, my goodness,

Oh, my soul,

There goes Alice,

Down the hole.

"Oh, Alice, where are you going?"

"Glug, glug, glug."


"Dirty again! Oh, Bill! Oh, Bill!

Come here, let me wash you!"

That was his Mom.

"Dirty again! Oh, Bill! Oh, Bill!
Come here , let me wash you."

That was his Gran.

"Dirty again! Oh, Bill, Oh, Bill!

Come here let me wash you."

That was Aunt Lill

So they washed him, And washed him,

And washed until one day,

There wasn't any Bill,

They had washed him away!

          --Marie Hall Ets


Wash, wash, wash your hands

Wash they day and night.

Soap and water does the trick,

It keeps them clean and bright.

Brush, brush, brush your teeth,

Use some toothpaste too!

Brush up, and down, and all around,

And eat what's right for you.

          --Judy Hall



This is the way we wash our face,

Wash our face, wash our face.

This is the way we wash our face,

So early in the morning.

--Brush our teeth...after we eat breakfast.

--Wash our hands...after we've been playing.

--Take a bath...before we say goodnight.


Float, float, float my boat,

In a soapy tub.

Together we are getting clean.



Getting in the bathtub is so much fun, you see;

Ducks and trucks and sailboats

All awaiting there for me.

I guide them through the bubbles,

Then put them in their place.

Then Mommy always asks me:

"Have you washed your face?"


Hop-Along Happily

Hopped through the wood.

Stopped by the toad's pond,

Slipped in the mud.

Dripped through the shadows,

Skipped up the path.

Nipped up the back steps,

And hopped in the bath.

          --Cynthia Mitchell


This little hand is one,

This little hand is his brother.

Together they wash & wash,

They wash & wash,

They wash & wash.

One hand washes the other!


Baby’s ready for his bath                    (“Hold” baby)
Here’s the baby’s tub,                         (Make circle with arms)
Here’s the baby’s washcloth.              (Hold hand up, palm flat)
See how he can rub.                           (Pretend to rub face)
Here’s the baby’s cake of soap          (Make a fist)
And here’s the towel to dry,                (Hold hands flat)
And here’s the baby’s cradle,              (Make imaginary cradle of arms)
Rock-a-baby-bye                                (And rock it back and forth)


The way they scrub

Me in the tub,

I think there's




Sometime they'll rub

And rub and rub

Until they simply




          --A.B. Ross


Rub-a-dub-dub, one child in a tub,

Tell me then what you see.

One foot with toes,

A hand. a nose,

As clean as they can be.

Rub-a-dub-dub, one child in a tub,

Tell me then what you see.

Two ears, a cheek,

So clean they squeak.

A chin, a tummy, a knee.

Rub-dub-dub, one child in a tub,

Tell me then what you see.

Legs and arms

So clean and warm.

Do they have a hug for me?

          --County of LA Library--Storytimes


I wash my face,

I brush my teeth,

I eat good foods each day.

I sleep all night,

And when I wake...

I stretch and stretch this way.

          --Elizabeth McKinnon



Two little hands so clean and bright,

This is my left, and this is my right.


After my bath, I try, try, try,

To rub myself, till I'm dry, dry, dry.

Hands to wipe, and fingers and toes.

Two wet legs and a shiny wet nose.

Just think how much less time I'd take,

If I were a dog and could shake, shake, shake!

          --Aileen Fisher


Bathtime Bubbles

Lather up with soap                          (rub hands together)

Warm water and shampoo               (rub head)

Then dry off when you're through!  (rub arms)



Bathtime (Raffi)

Dickery Dean

Rub a Dub

Rubber Ducky

Three Men In a Tub


Flannel Board:

Dog and His Bone

Elephants In the Bath Tub


Extras:  Small soap bars; shampoo samples; Duck -- Ellison die; car wash; bring bubble wand and play with bubbles.



Is It Time, Marilyn Janovitz, c.1994

To the Tub, Peggy Perry Anderson, c.1996

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