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BOOK BINGO - Create Bingo cards with popular book characters instead of numbers.  OR 

Have a Book Bingo board for your friends. 

The following are some suggested book characters. Feel free to add your favorites:



·         Arthur                   Franklin                             Spot                      Olivia                     Cat in the Hat

·         Pigeon                 Geraldine                           Corduroy              Jesse Bear              Noisy Nora

·         McDuff                 Dr. DeSoto                        Harold                  David                     Peter Rabbit

·         Cam Jansen         Junie B. Jones                     Anansi                  Cinderella               Amelia Bedelia

·         Babar                   Froggy                               Lyle                       Tigger                    Curious George

·         Heidi                    Tom Sawyer                      Hans Brinker          Lilly                       Johnny Tremain

·         Harry Potter          Mary Poppins                   Madeline               Ramona                 Biscuit

·         Homer Price         Mrs. Frisby                         Paul Bunyan          Pinocchio              Little Bear

·         Pollyanna             Prince Caspian                   Raggedy Ann         Max                      Winnie-the-Pooh



  • Go thru and have the children randomly place the names on a BINGO template. Explain that they are designing their own boards, and they should place the names willy-nilly. Don’t forget the FREE space in the center of the board. (You’ll need at least 24 selections.)
  • Pull the same names from the selected pool, and have the children cross them off on their board.



(You can always tweak your BINGO form to fit your specific program: see FAIRY BINGO)




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