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Body Awareness

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When I hear, I forget.

When I see, I remember.

When I do, I learn

          --Old Chinese Proverb


No one walks the way I walk.

No one talks the way I talk.                                               

No one plays the way I play.                                            

No one says the things I say.                                           

No one looks the way I do.                                               

I’ve noticed that it’s true.

I am SPECIAL.                                                                                     

I am ME.                                                                               

There’s no one                                                                    

I would rather be.                                                                                



See my fingers,     (point to fingers)

See my thumb.                                                                     


Fingers are gone    (hide in fist)                                          

So is thumb.


10 Little fingers standing in a row.

Wiggle them high, wiggle them low.

Shake them fast, shake them slow.

Put them behind your back.

Where did they all go?


Growing up can be such fun,

If you stop and use your head.

Just be fair, use common sense,

It’ll help you all you need.


Hey, diddle-diddle, 

We’re fit as a fiddle;

We can jump over the moon.

So if you eat right,

And sleep well at night,

You can jump just as high soon.


There was once a hand

It could do lots of things.

It could count,

It could point

But it couldn't make a sound.

Then, it met another hand.

And discovered it could make a sound.

It takes two to CLAP!


Let's (clap) our (hands) together,

Together, together,

Let’s ____ our ____ together,

Because it’s fun to do.


Right hand, left hand,

Put them on my head.

Right hand, left hand,

Put them all to bed.

Right hand, left hand,

Put them on your chest.

Right hand, left hand,

Put them all to rest. 


You twiddle your thumbs, and clap your hands,
And then, you stamp your feet.
You turn to the left, you turn to the right,
Then make your fingers meet.
You make a bridge, you make an arch,
And give just ONE more clap.
Wave your hands, fold your hands, and put them in your lap


Two little eyes looked around,

Two little ears to hear each sound,                                  

One little nose to smell what’s sweet,                             

One little mouth that likes to eat.                                      


My Face Can Say

    I’m tired                                                                                                

                What a surprise                                                   

                I’m mad                                                                                 

    That smells good                                                

                I’m afraid                                                                              

                That smells awful

                I’m sad

                That tastes yummy

My Hands Can Say:

                Hello                        Stop

                Come here              I’m cold

                I’m mad                   Go away

                I’m scared               Naughty, naughty

                Goodbye                  Yea!


Two hands have I to hold in sight.

One is the left, the other the right,

Five busy fingers I have on each,

Just made to hold a plum or a peach.

Made to pound, and made to clap,

And made to fold onto my lap.

          --Children's Rhymes and Rhythms


A mouth to eat and talk,

Two feet to run and walk. 

Ears to hear and eyes to see,

They're all a part of me!

Two elbows I can bend,

Two arms to hug my friend.

Ears to hear and eyes to see,

They're all a part of me!


I wash my face,

I brush my teeth.

I eat good foods each day.

I sleep all night,

And when I wake,

I stretch and stretch this way.

I stretch and stretch this way.

                --Elizabeth McKinnon



I can make myself real big

By standing up straight and tall.                                      

But when I’m tired of being big,                                                       

I can make myself get small.                                              

--COMPLETE BOOK OF …                               



Flop your arms, flop your feet.                                           

Let your hand go free.                                                        

You’re the floppiest rag doll

I am ever going to see. 


Magic feet, magic feet, 

Where can you go with your magic feet?

What can you do with your magic feet?

You can...stomp, stomp, stomp--

*You can twirl, twirl, twirl...

*You can jump, jump, jump...     


Here's your hands, clap, clap, clap,     (repeat)

Here's your lap, pat, pat, pat.              (repeat)

Clap-pat, clap-pat, clap-pat--

Shake your arms about!

Here's your eyes, blink, blink, blink,    (repeat)

Here's your brain, think, think, think. 

Blink-think, blink-think, blink-think--

Clap-pat, clap-pat, clap-pat--

Shake your arms about!

Shake your arms, up and down,          (repeat)

Shake your arms, all around.               (repeat)

Up, down, all around--

Blink-think, blink-think--

Clap-pat, clap-pat--

Shake your arms about!


I've got 10 little fingers,                    (wiggle fingers)

And 10 little toes.                              (wiggle toes)

Two little eyes,                                   (point to eyes)

A mouth,                                             (point to mouth)

And a nose.                                         (point to nose)

Put them all together,                       (place hands on hips)

And what have you got?

You've got me, my friend,

And t a lot!                                           (hug self)


There's no one who's quite like me.

No one knows just how to be

Me, when I am mad or sad.

Me, when I am very glad.

There's no one who's quite like me.

 I am proud that me is me!



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Hands Can, Cheryl Willis Hudson, c.2003

These Hands, Hope Lynne Price, c.1999

Lucy's Picture, Nicola Moon, c.1995

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