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Dragons and Enchantment

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see also: St Patrick's Day for leprechauns



I met a little elf-man once,                                                  

Down where the lilies blow,                              

I asked him why he was so small,                     

And why he didn’t grow.                                  

He slightly frowned, and with his eye,            

He looked me through and through.                

“I’m quite as big for me,” said he,                    

“As you are big for you.”                                                  

--John Kendrick Bangs


This little elf likes to hammer,

This little elf likes to saw,                                                  

This little elf likes to splash or paint,                               

This one has pictures to draw,                                         

And this little elf likes best of all,                                     

To put the cry in the baby doll:                                        

 “Momma, Momma.”                                                          


As the sun came up, a ball of red,                                    

I followed my friend wherever he led.                              

He thought his fast horse would leave me behind,       

But I rode a dragon as swift as the wind.                                        

                --Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes


A silver-scaled dragon with jaws flaming red,

Sits at my elbow and toasts my bread.                            

I hand him fat slices, and then, one-by-one,                  

He hands them back to me,                                               

When he sees they are done.                                           

                --William Jay Smith  


All around the castle walls, 

The knight chased the dragon.

The knight thought it was all in fun.

"ROAR!" went the dragon.    


Baby dragon counts to three,          (action rhyme)

Baby dragon bend one knee. 

Baby dragon touches his toes,

Baby dragon breathes through his nose.

Baby dragon runs in place,

Baby dragon makes a funny face. 

Baby dragon lies on the floor.

Baby dragon starts to snore.


I'm a little dragon, strong and stout,

Here is my tail, and here is my snout.

If you get me upset, you better watch out!

I'll give you something to shout about!


I'm a dragon in sneakers

Disguised as a regular kid.

But I've folded my wings,

And retracted my claws,

And I keep my fires hid.  

I'm an intergalactic dragon,

Who dives and soars and sings--

But everyone wants me to walk on the ground.

I guess they don't know I have wings.


5 Fierce dragon gave a loud roar, 

1 flew away, and then there were four.

4 Fierce dragons, living wild and free,

1 flew away, and then there were three.

3 Fierce dragons eating monster stew,

1 flew away, and then there were two.

2 Fierce dragons, basking in the sun,

1 flew away, and then there was one.

1 Fierce dragon always on the run,

It flew away and then there was none.


Who's that knocking on the castle door?

One dragon, two dragons, three dragons, four!

Who's that knocking on the castle gate?

Five dragons, six dragons, seven dragons, eight!

Now, come dragons nine and ten.

Let's do it all over again!


How do you feed a dragon that is tall, tall, tall.                     (stretch high)

When you are just a little kid who is small, small, small.     (squat down)

Well, if you stand on tip-toes, even if you're little.                 (stand on tip toes)

A dragon can bend over and meet you in the middle!          (bend over) 


Here is the knight with his feathered cap,      (take off hat, bow)
Here are his boots which go tap, tap, tap.     (tap feet)
Here is the dragon, listen to him roar,           (roar)
Here are his wings to help him soar.              (soar)
Here is the princess with her golden crown, (four fingers over head)
Here is her lovely blue ball gown.                 (curtsy)


If you want to see the fairies,                                            

You must visit them at night,                                            

When the silvery stars are gleaming,                                              

And the moon is shining bright.

If you make no sound to warn them,

You will see the fairy men,

Laughing, singing, hear bells ringing,

While the moonbeams light the glen.

          --Sybil Morford


Come up here, O dusty feet!         (March in place.)
Here is fairy bread to
eat.              (Put hands in front of you like you are offering it.)
Here in my retiring room,             (Lay head on hands like sleeping.)
Children, you may dine                 (Point and then mime eating.)
On the golden smell of broom     (Sniff air.)
And the shade of pine;                  (Hold hands over head like you are under a tree.)
And when you have eaten well,    (Rub tummy.)
Fairy stories hear and tell.             (Point to ears, and then tell children to sit.)

     --Robert Louis Stevenson


This is the fairies wash day,

With acorn cups for tubs.

And tiny leaves for wash boards,

Each fairy rubs and rubs.

The fairy sheets so white and fine

Upon the grass are drying.

A spider spins a line for them,

And now the clothes are drying.

                --Maude Burnham


Up the airy mountain,

Down the rushy glen,

We daren’t go a-hunting

For fear of little men;

Wee folk, good folk,

Trooping all together;

Green jacket, red caps,

And a white owl’s feather.

          --William Allingham


5 Little fairies were flying about,

The 1st one said, “I’m thirsty without a doubt.”

The 2nd one said, “Gosh, I’m hungry too.”

The 3rd one said, “Well, what are we to do?”

The 4th one said, “I don’t know, dear me.”

The 5th one said, “Let’s brew some dew drop tea.”

So they sipped it from their nut cups and ate honey,

Beneath the maple tree.

               (variation of Maude Burnham's 5 Little Fairies)


(Sing to: If You're Happy and You Know It)

If you're a unicorn and you know it...

For your magic surely show it.

If you're a unicorn and you know it...
*Shake your horn.
*Stamp your hooves.
*Toss your mane.
*Twitch your tail.
*Prance around.

          --Storytime Underground FB (11/2017)


Fierce is the Dragon


Flannel Boards:

Delbert the Dragon                 Cooking Up a Story by Carol E. Catron

Elf's Coat

The Knight and the Dragon

Little Young Leprechaun         see: Tamara Hunt

Ten Dizzy Dragons                  Super Storytelling  by Carol Elaine Catron & Barbara Catron Parks

We're Going on a Dragon Hunt



Dragon Pokey (claws, feet, teeth, tail)

Goin' on a Dragon Hunt ("But I'm not afraid, I've got my sword and shield, I've got my golden crown."--deep, dark, scary forest...wide blue sea...huge, tall mountain...encounter the dragon!)



Puff the Magic Dragon



Extras: Fairy Programpretzel wands



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