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see also: Rabbits


5 Little Easter rabbits sitting by the door,                        

1 hopped away, and then there were 4.                            

Hop, hop, hop, hop,                                                                                            

See how they run!                                                                

Hop, hop, hop, hop,                                                            

They think it’s great fun.                                                   

4 Little Easter rabbits under a tree,                                    

1 hopped away, and then there were 3...                           

3 Little Easter rabbits looking right at you,                      

1 hopped away, and then there were 2...                           

2 Little Easter rabbits resting in the sun,                          

1 hopped away, and then there was 1... 

1 Little Easter rabbit, left all alone,                                    

He hopped away and then there were none.                                                                               


5 Little rabbits hopping down the road, 

The 1st one said,  “This Spring is still so cold!” 

The 2nd one said,  “But look I see some tulips growing.” 

The 3rd one said,  “Oh, how hard the wind is blowing!” 

The 4th one said,  “I feel some rain, we’d better run.” 

The 5th one said,  “We won’t let weather spoil our fun!”


5 Little rabbits went out to walk,                                       

They liked to boast as well as talk,                                   

The first one said, “I hear a gun!”                                     

The second one said, “I will not run!”                             

Two little ones said, “Let’s sit in the shade?”                                

The big one said, “I’m not afraid!”                                   

Bang-bang! Went the gun,                                                                

And the five little rabbits ran, every single one!                            

--AMERICAN RHYME                      


Once I saw a rabbit 

And a great, green cabbage head. 

I think it’s time for lunch, 

The little rabbit said. 

And he nibbled, and he nibbled, 

Then he perked his ears to say, 

I think that I should be 

Hopping on my way.


Robbie was a rabbit who was fat, fat, fat,                        

And his soft little paws went pat, pat, pat.                      

And his long, long ears went flip-flap-flop, 

And away he went with a hip-hip-hop!


See the little rabbit with his big, long ears,                      

He stands so very still—but I’m sure he hears.              

I say, “Little Rabbit, stop, stop, STOP!”                          

But away he runs, hop,hop,hop!                                                                                                             


This little bunny has two pink eyes,                                 

This little bunny is very wise, 

This little bunny is soft as silk, 

This little bunny is white as milk, 

This little bunny nibbles away, 

At cabbages and carrots the livelong day.


5 Little Easter eggs lovely colors wore, 

Mother ate the red one, 

Then there were 4. 

4 Little Easter eggs, two & two you see, 

Daddy ate the blue one, 

Then there were 3. 

3 Little Easter eggs, just before I knew, 

Sister ate the yellow one, 

Then there were 2. 

2 Little Easter eggs, oh what fun! 

Brother ate the green one, 

Then there was 1. 

1 Little Easter egg, I began to run, 

I gobbled up the last one,

Then there was none.



Here Comes Peter Cotton-Tail; 

Bunny Patch (sung to Paw-Paw Patch); 

In Your Easter Bonnet; 

Little Bunny Foo-Foo

See the Little Bunnies Sleeping


Flannel Board:



Extras:  Rabbit Finger-Puppet -- Ellison Die; Winton plastic colored egg shakers

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