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see also: http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/elephants.htm


The elephant swings his big trunk, 

Swing, swing, swing.

The elephant flaps his big ears,

Flap, flap, flap.

The elephant stomps his big feet,

Stomp, stomp, stomp.

If I were big, I'd be an  elephant too.


5 gray elephants marching through a glade                          

Decide to stop and play; they’re having a parade.                       

The 1st swings his trunk and announces that he’ll lead.               

The next waves a flag which of course they need.              

The 3rd gray elephant trumpets a song.                           

The 4th beats a drum as he marches along.                                     

While the 5th makes believe he’s the whole show,                                        

And nods and smiles to the crowd as they go.                                             

5 gray elephants marching through a glade,                  

Having a lot of fun during their parade.                          


I’ve seen silver planes up high         

And pretty birds glide in the sky

But I’d fall over if I did spy

A little gray elephant flying by.


An elephant goes like this & that.         (stamp feet)          

He’s terribly big                                     (raise arms)

And he’s terribly fat.                              (spread arms)

He has no fingers,                                (wiggle fingers)

He has no toes.                                    (touch toes)

But goodness, gracious, what a nose! (indicate a long, curly trunk)


Way down South where bananas grow

A grasshopper stepped on an elephant’s toe

The elephant said with tears in his eyes,

“Pick on somebody your own size.”


Walking through the jungle, what did you see?

I saw a huge, gray elephant trumpeting at me!


The elephant carries a great big trunk,                            

He never packs it with clothes,                                         

It has no lock, and it has no key,                                      

But he takes it wherever he goes.                                    


Let’s pretend we’re elephants                                          

Who trample down tall grass,                                           

Who force their way through jungles

And trumpet as they pass.

                --James S. Tippett


Right foot, left foot, see me go

I am gray, and big, and very slow.

When I come walking down the street

I bring my trunk and four big feet!   


I'm an elephant too,

And I wonder just what elephants do?

Flap their ears, twist their trunks,

And do a turn, or two,

That's what elephants do.

                   --DUMBO TV SHOW


One elephant in the bathtub
Going for a swim
Knock, knock                     (clap twice)
Splash, splash,                   (slap knees twice)
Come on in!                      (motion with both hands to come in)

Two elephants...

Three elephants...

Four elephants...
Five elephants in the bathtub
Going for a swim
Knock, knock                     (clap twice)
Splash, splash                    (slap knees twice)
It all fell in!                       (knock the felt pieces down)

(can be made into a flannel board too)



One Elephant Went Out to Play,


Flannel Board: 

5 Circus Wagons

But No Elephants

Elephant and the Monkey

Great Tug of War           Multicultural Folktales: Stories to Tell Young Children, Judy Sierra

Seven Blind Mice

Extras: Elephant bookmark -- Ellison die; thumbprint; circus peanuts (marshmallow)


Effie, Beverley Allinson, c.1990

I Love My Mama, Peter Kavanagh, c.2003

More offerings-ELEPHANTS


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