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Fantasy Play

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Fantasy play is a cornerstone to problem solving. Children enjoy acting out the different experiences they encounter in their homes, and in their communities. Language and social skills are developed when children play various roles.

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Let’s pretend…  (for more rhymes, see specific theme)

            Doctor/Nurse/Veterinarian                   (medical bag, stuffed animals)

            Policeman/Fireman                               (hats, badges)

            Fairy Princess                                         (crowns, wands)

            Pirate                                                     (eye patches, treasure)

Cowboy                                                 (hats, boots)

Astronaut                                              (stars, space telescope)

Make a …

 Hideout                                                 (boxes, sheets, tablecloths)

 Restaurant                                             (menus, food)

 Store                                                      (boxes, containers, calculator)

 Business                                                 (papers, calculator, chart)

Take a Trip…

            Drive                                                       (steering wheel, traffic light)

            Fly                                                           (wings, airplanes)

            Sail a boat                                              (oars, sails)


Ahoy, mateys! Climb on board!

My pirate ship is leaving shore.

Swab the decks and raise the mast,

We're heading out to sea at last!

          --Kathy MacMillan

Storytime Magic


Galloping, galloping, galloping,             

How fast can my pony go?                                           

When he’s tired he’ll come home,                    

Slow, slow, slow.                                            


I’m a little cowboy, here is my hat,

Here are my spurs, and here are my chaps.

From morning to night, I work all day.

I saddle my horse and ride away.


Two little friends are better than one.

Three friends are better than two.

Four friends is even better yet.

Tell me what can five friends do?


Here’s a cup, and here’s a cup,

And here’s a pot of tea.

Pour a cup, and pour a cup,

Sit down and chat with me. 


I’m a little scarecrow stuffed with hay,

I hang around in the fields all day.                     

When I see the crows I wave and shout,          

“Hey, you crows, you’d better get out!”           


Flour on my fingers, flour on my nose,

Flour on my apron, flour on my toes.                

I’m baking bread with Granny,             

We’re having lots of fun.                                  

I knead the dough, and watch it grow,  

Then bake it till it’s done.


This is my garden, I rake it with care.

And then, I plant flower seeds in there.

The sun will shine & the rain will fall.

And my flowers shall blossom

For one and for all. 


Mother plays the violin,

Father plays the flute,

Little sister plays the horn--



Pretend you’re a cat, pretend you’re a dog.

Pretend you’re a fox, pretend you’re a frog.

You can pretend to be anything that you wish.

A wild baboon, or an ocean fish.

Pretend you’re the captain of a ship.

Pretend you’re a passenger taking a trip.

Pretend you’re a vet, nursing a pet.

Pretend you’re an astronaut, way out in space.

Pretend that you’re a runner winning a race.

Pretend that I’m you, and pretend that you’re me.

Oh, what a delightful game THAT would be.

Pretend you’re a teacher, who lives for your books.

Pretend you’re a chef, a cook among cooks!

Pretend you’ve a castle, and you are in charge.

Pretend you’re a dragon, fierce and quite large.

Pretend you’re a store clerk with lots to sell.

Pretend you’re an ice cream man ringing your bell.

This game can go on, it has no end.

You just use your imagination and PRETEND.



Going Over the Sea

Horns, Fangs, Knees & Claws


Extras: Winton There are themed containers in the "J" room for Art, Bakery, Construction, Train and other adventure sets.



Pete's a Pizza, William Steig, c.1998

Mouse Count, Ellen Stoll Walsh, c.1991

The Great Big Enormous Turnip, Aleksy Tolstoy, c.1968

(Act out the story, after a storytime reading. Jeanne Steinbrenner, Pittsford, presented these for her colleagues at the April, 2011 J Meeting.)

More offerings-FANTASY PLAY


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