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on February 21, 2013 at 1:36:28 pm

Nothing I've ever done has given me more joys and rewards than being a father to my children. (Bill Cosby)

see also: FUDGE


When Daddy walks along the street,

And hurries home to me,

He takes the quickest largest steps

That ever I did see.

But when I go to walk with him,

He acts quite differently,

And takes the slowest shortest steps

To keep in step with me.


Teddy Bears are nice to clutch,  

To hold, to love, to feel, to touch,

But daddies are the best of all,  

To hug and kiss when you are small.               

          --TODDLE ON OVER 



My daddy helps me when I’m tired,

My daddy helps me when I’m blue,

My daddy helps me when I’m sad.

Thanks, Dad, for all that you do.

You help, you help,

You help me do my very best.

You help, you help,

You help me do my very best.


(sing to: BINGO)

I have a very special friend

And Daddy is his name-o




And Daddy is his name-o.


There are lollipops, and soda pops,

And sugar pops, don’t you see?

But the best Pop of all— 

Is the Pop that belongs to me.


When Daddy put the paper on the wall           (Hands side to side)
He put the parlor paper in the hall.                   (Hands up and down)
He papered up the stairs.                                (Paper as if up stairs)
He papered all the chairs.                               (Make chair with hands)
He even put a border on Grandma’s shawl.   (Border your shoulders)
When Daddy put the paper on the wall           (Hands to side)
He poured a pot of paste upon us all.             (Pour bucket over head)
Now we’re all stuck together                           (Put hands on opposite shoulders)
Like birds of a feather                                      (Flap arms while crossed)
Since Daddy put the paper on the wall.           (Slap knees twice)



Dance to Your Daddy


Flannel Board:

Daddy's Tie


Extras:  moustaches



Daddy Makes the Best Spaghetti, Anna Hines, c.1986

Just Like Daddy, Frank Asch, c.1988

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