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HOBBIES-Sewing, Quilting, Knitting


A pocket handkerchief to hem, 

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear! 

How many stitches it will take 

Before it’s done I fear. 

Yet, set a stitch and then a stitch,

And stitch and stitch away, 

Til stitch by stitch, the hem is done, 

And after work is play! 

                --Christina Rossetti


Old Mother Witch 

Couldn’t sew a stitch. 

Picked up a penny, 

And thought she was rich. 



Some little mice sat in a barn to spin, 

Pussy came by, and popped her head in. 

“Shall I come in and cut your threads off?” 

“Oh, no, kind sir, you will snap our heads off!” 




Cobbler, cobbler, mend my shoe. 

Have it done by half past two. 

Stitch it up and stitch it down,

While I go walking though the town. 

                --CHANTS FOR CHILDREN


Tailor had a needle, 

A thimble and a thread, 

Tailor had a square of cloth, 

Striped with white and red. 

Tailor took his needle, 

His thimble and his thread, 

And sewed the gown and stocking cap 

That keeps him warm in bed. 

                --Jack Prelutsky



Flannel Board:

Elf's Coat


Extras: sewing cards--yarn and Ellison Die Cut



Mr. Nick's Knitting, Margaret Wild, c.1989

Quilt Story, Tony Johnston, c.1985

More offerings--Hobbies


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