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St  Patrick's Day

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see also: Luck of the Irish


5 Little leprechauns knocked at my door,                        

1 chased a rainbow, then there were 4,                             

4 Little leprechauns, oh so wee,                                        

1 picked a shamrock, then there were 3.                           

3 Little leprechauns hiding in my shoe,                            

1 found a toadstool, then there were 2.                            

2 Little leprechauns dancing in the sun,                          

1 went in search of gold, then there was 1.                       

1 Little leprechaun on the run,                                           

He shined his shoe buckles and sat in the sun.


5 Little leprechauns dressed in green,                      

They’re the happiest I’ve ever seen.  

This leprechaun has a gold ring, 

This leprechaun has a song to sing, 

This leprechaun wears a funny wig,

This leprechaun likes to dance a jig,  

This leprechaun nods his head to say— 

We wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 


(sing to: I’M A LITTLE TEAPOT) 

I’m a little leprechaun, 

Dressed in green, 

The tiniest man 

That you’ve ever seen. 

If you ever catch me, so it’s told, 

 I’ll give to you my pot of gold! 

              --Vicki Claybrook 



5 Little shamrocks growing in the grass, 

Along came a leprechaun skipping down the path,  

He took a shamrock and put it on the door, 

That ’s for good luck, and that leaves 4. 

 4 Little shamrocks… 

 *He pinned on a shamrock for all to see… 

 *He picked one up and put it in his shoe… 

 *He picked one up and held it to the sun… 

 *He left it growing, so there would always be one…


There was a little leprechaun      (act out motions)

Whose home was in a tree. 

He met a giant in the park,  

And asked her home to tea. 

They walked inside the tiny house.

 But the giant broke the door, 

She stood tall and smashed the roof, 

Her feet crashed through the floor. 

The giant stopped, “OH, what a mess!” 

“I’m very sorry,” she cried.  

“That’s quite all right,” said the leprechaun. 

“We’ll drink our tea outside.


Over in the meadow, where the shamrocks grow, 

Danced a little leprechaun, just like so.                 

Heel and toe, heel and toe, 

Around, around, and around you go. 

Over in the meadow, was a pot of gold, 

Hidden by the leprechaun, so I'm told. 

Heel and toe, heel and toe, 

Around, around, and around you go. 

Over in the meadow, was a pretty rainbow, 

It shimmered and it glimmered -- all aglow. 

Heel and toe, heel and toe, 

Around, around and around you go. 

               --Jean Warren


I'll tell you a tale, 

A tale so old, 

Of a little, young leprechaun, 

Ever so bold! 

He searched for a pot! 

Do you know what it holds? 

All sparkly and shiney, 

You guessed it! GOLD! 

 He climbed up a rainbow, 

'Least that's what I'm told, 

And slid to the end, 

Where lo and behold 

Was a pot. Is it black? 

Is it shaped like a bowl? 

What is inside it? 

You guessed it! GOLD! 

               --Tamara Hunt


Do, do, do you know,

Do you know what's green?

Trees and grass and turtles and beans

Lots of things are green.


Do your ears point up?

Do you have a lot of luck?

For gold do you dig?

Can you dance an Irish jig?

Can you make a wish come true,

If someone catches you?

Do your ears point up?


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