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see also: http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/australia-kangaroos.htm


Jump, jump, Kangaroo Brown,

Jump, jump, off to town.

Jump, jump, up hill and down,

Jump, jump, Kangaroo Brown.


Jump, jump, jump

Goes the big kangaroo,

I thought there was one,

But I see there are two!

The mother takes her young one

Along in a pouch,

Where he can nap,

Like a child on a couch.



The brown kangaroo is very funny.

She leaps, and runs, and hops like a bunny.

And on her stomache is a pocket so-o wide,

Her baby can jump in and go for a ride.

          --Geocities: Storytime


Said the kind kangaroo, "What can I do?
If I had a cradle, I'd rock it.
But my baby is small, so I think after all,
I'll carry him round in my pocket!"



Hop, hop, hop, kangaroo
Hop, hop, hop, kangaroo
Hop, hop, hop, kangaroo
Hopping around Australia.
Baby in a pocket safe and snug
Baby in a pocket safe and snug
Baby in a pocket safe and snug
Hopping with her mama.


Flannel Board:

Katy No-Pocket


Extras:  play up "pockets"



I Love It When You Smile, Sam McBratney, c.2006

Joey Runs Away, Jack Kent, c.1985

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