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Love,  Gran

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Sometimes young children don't see their grandparents, or older relatives, on a regular basis to be comfortable talking with them. One of the greatest gifts, you can give to your children, is to make situations easier by role-playing. Demonstrate that conversation is give and take. Teach them questions to ask others in order to open the lines of communication.

* Where were you born? What year?

* What were your parents like? Were they strict?

* What are the names of your brothers and sisters?

* How well did you know your grandparents?

* When you were my age... 

* Did you have a pet? Tell me about it.

* Did you get an allowance?

* Did you have to do chores?

* What were your favorite games and activities?

* Who was your best friend?

* What kind of clothes did you wear?

* What did your house look like? Is it still the same?

* Did your family have a television where you were young?

* Did your family take vacations?

* Did you like school? What kinds of grades did you get?

* What were your favorite subjects?

* How did you celebrate the holidays?

* What did you read?

* What did you like about grandma/grandpa when you first met?

* How old were you when you got married?

* What was your first job?

* Tell me about my mom/dad when he/she was growing up?

* What makes you proud of my mom/dad?

* Have you accomplished what you wanted in life?

* What advice would you like to give me?



This is the Bird--George Shannon

The Memory Cupboard--Charlotte Herman

A String of Beads--Margarette S. Reid

Memory String--Eve Bunting

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