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see also: http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/pets-mouse.htm


I think mice                                                                           

Are rather nice.                                                                    

Their tails are long,                                                             

Their faces small,                                                                

They haven’t any                                                                               

Chins at all.                                                                          

Their ears are pink,

Their teeth are white

They run about                                                                   

The house at night.                                                            

They nibble things                                                             

They shouldn’t touch                                                        

And no one seems                                                              

To like them much.                                                              

But I think mice

Are nice.                                                                               

                --Rose Fyleman                                                   

MY POETRY BOOK                           


Once there lived a quiet mouse           (Index finger)                

Who lived in a quiet house.                  (Grab finger)                         

When all was quiet as can be…          (Index finger to lips)                          

Out popped he!                                    (Arms wide)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

I’m as tall as a giraffe, I’m as big as a house,

I’m as tiny as an elf, I’m as quiet as a mouse.


This little mouse peeped within,

This little mouse walked right in!

This little mouse came to play,

This little mouse ran away!

This little mouse cried, “Dear me!

“Dinner is done and it’s time for tea.”


5 Little mice came out to play,

Gathering crumbs along the way.

Out come a pussy cat,

Sleek and black--

___ little mice went scampering back.

(Repeat  4-3-2-1)


If I were a mouse, a mouse, a mouse,

I’d never live in a house, a house.

I’d live outside where grass grows tall

With other mouse friend, big and small.

                --Solveig Paulson Russell,  YOUR BIG BACKYARD, 9/90


Come play with me at my house,      (Beckon)

It’s raining out today,                         (Flutter fingers down)

I’ll show you my pet mouse,              (Cup hands, as if holding mouse)

But don’t let him get away!                (Shake head)


Here comes a mouse, mousie, mousie, mouse.     (wiggle your fingers near the child)

On tiny light feet and a soft pink nose,

Tickle-tickle, wherever he goes!                              (tickle child)

He''ll run up your arm and under your chin,           (run fingers up child's arm to chin)

Don't open your mouth or mouse will run in!       

Mousie, mousie, mouse.                                        (Tap chin, nose or lips on last three words.)

          --Linda L. Ernst

Lapsit Services for the Very Young


Where are the baby mice?

Hiding in a nest.

One peeks out,

Where are all the rest?

One is sleepy,

One is snappy,

One is crying,

And the last one is happy!


I heard a little jingle,
Right inside my house.
It sounded like the jingle
Of a little jingle mouse.
He jingled to the ceiling,
He jingled to the floor,
He jingled till he fell asleep,
And he began to snore!

          --Storytime Underground, 12-7-2015


Boing!  Boing! Squeak!

Boing!  Boing! Squeak!

A bouncing mouse is in my house

It's been here for a week! 

It bounced from out of nowhere

then quickly settled in;

I'm grateful that it came alone

(I've heard it has a twin) 

It bounces in the kitchen.

It bounces in the den.

It bounces in the living room --

Look!  There it goes again! 

Boing!  Boing! Squeak!

Boing!  Boing! Squeak!

A bouncing mouse is in my house

it's been here for a week! 

It bounces on the sofa,

on the table and the bed

up the stairs and on the chairs,

and even on my head! 

That mouse continues bouncing

every minute of the day.

It bounces, bounces, bounces -

but it doesn't bounce away!

Boing!  Boing! Squeak!

Boing!  Boing! Squeak!


Sleepy Mouse, Sleepy Mouse

Going home to his little house.

He opens the door,

With a jangle of keys.

And has a small supper

Of bread and cheese.

He climbs into bed,

And turns out the light.

Now this little mouse

Is asleep for the night.

          --Joanna Cole



Creepy, crawly, little mouse!
From the barnyard, to the house.
Into the pantry and under the shelf,
She found some cheese and helped herself.


          --Storytime Underground FB (5-2018)


Aunt Matilda baked a cake.                              (stir cake)

She baked a cake, you say?

Yes, Aunt Matilda baked a cake,

A chocolate one, TODAY!                                 (lick lips)

So, Aunt Matilda ate the cake.                         (move hand to mouth)

She ate it by herself?

No, Aunt Matilda ate SOME cake,                    (rub stomach & m-m savor it)

And put some on a shelf.                                 (place on shelf)

Well, Aunt Matilda went away.

She left her little house?                                   (lean forward & raise eyebrows)

Yes, Aunt Matilda went away,

But left behind a mouse!                                   (right-pinky mouse pops out)

Then, Aunt Matilda came back home

And what about the cake?                                (move pinky around)

That little mouse had helped himself!

And how much did he take?                             (move pinky back'n'forth)

The cake was gone! She set a trap!

She set a trap, you say?

Yes, Aunt Matilda set a trap.

And caught that mouse, Hooray!                      (quickly catch pinky)

          --Ruth Dowell, Move Over, Mother Goose



Mousie, Mousie (Susan Salidor)

Brave, Brave Mouse (Dany Rosevear)

Little Mousie Brown (Jbrary)

The Mice Go Marching


Nursery Rhymes: 

Hickory, Dickory Dock

Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, Where Have You Been?

Three Blind Mice


Flannel Board:

Aunt Matilda's Cake (see above)

City Mouse and Country Mouse


The Mitten

Mouse and Thunder                                      

Rattlesnake, Mouse and CoyoteTHE FLANNEL BOARD STORYTELLING BOOK,   Judy Sierra, pp.213-216. (2nd Edition)

Rat’s DaughterTHE FLANNEL BOARD STORYTELLING BOOK, Judy Sierra, pp.142-146. (2nd Edition)

Seven Blind Mice


Katy and the Giant--a Draw'n'Tell


Extras: Mouse with candy cane tail; mice cookies



If You Give A Mouse a Cookie, Laura Joff Nurmeroff, c.1991

Noisy Nora, Rosemary Wells, c.1999

More offerings-MICE





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