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Some of the following is from PUBYAC contributors. If you're a member check out the archives for 1/20/2010, 2/1/2010, and a 30 page compilation 10-19-2011!!! Also, using Storytime Underground on FB as a source. What works for YOU?

See also: http://www.childcarelounge.com/activity/parachute-play.php

               Parachute Play

               Parachute Play Put the Fire Out

               Parachute Playtime, (Jen Preisser's Presentation 4/2015)


Suggested for 2+


Color recognition 




Parachute games encourage cooperative, non-competitive play that reinforces turn-taking.

Parachutes strengthen shoulder, arm and hand muscles.


  • Have the children hold onto the actual parachute with both hands, as opposed to holding onto the handles. This provides greater stability and allows for more children than there are handles to participate. Be prepared to give lots of verbal instructions on what the children need to do.
  • You may want to walk them through the motions first and then do it with a song or rhyme.
  • If you are only doing one parachute activity, it is best to do it towards the end of your program. It can be hard to refocus the children's attention after such excitement.

Adult Around: The children's favorite activity is sitting in the middle of the parachute while the

adults pull them in circles.


Alphabet Soup: Distribute alphabet letters. Call out letter, have child put it in the pot.

            STIR – Have the children go in one direction.

            SIMMER – Have the children move parachute into small rippling waves.

            BOIL – Have the children exaggerate with large ripples and waves.

            ALPHABET SOUP (Chapin)


Ball Roll: Have the children try to get the balls to roll to the middle of the chute. 


Boa Constrictor: "I'm Being Swallowed by a Boa Constrictor" and we gradually get "eaten" by the sheet/snake. At the end of the song, when we're inside the snake, we tickle him until he spits us out--and we all burst out from under the sheet!


Bouncing:  Use with Beanie Babies or other props--

                  I’m bouncing-bouncing into the air,

                  I’m bouncing-bouncing everywhere.

                  I bounce and bounce just like a ball.

                  I bounce and bounce until I fall.

                              --STORYTIME UNDERGROUND FB, (1-2018)


Bumble Bee by Laurie Burkener: Raise and lower the parachute on the slower BUZZ and shake it like crazy on the faster BUZZ. 


Chute Lift: Have the children try to lift the chute over their heads and down again. Talk about the soft breezes. Move the parachute faster and talk about the effects.


Fruit Salad Salsa by Laurie Berkner


Good Morning, Good Night: Have the kids lay down and use the chute to "cover themselves," saying goodnight.


Grand Old Duke of York


Merry-Go-Round: Put a couple of kids in the middle of the parachute (3-4?) and the rest of the kids hold the handles.  Turn the    parachute in a circle and swap out the middle people till everyone has a chance.


Mix-It: Lift it high,

          Bring it low,

          Shake it fast,

          Shake it slow.


Mushroom: From a standing position, lift the parachute from ground to waist high level, as they crunch down, pulling the chute tightly behind them. A mushroom effect is created as the parachute settles.


My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean: Ripple 4X then lift while marching.


Old MacDonald: Add various farm animals to the center to be tossed.


Over the Rainbow


Pop Goes the Weasel


Popcorn: Make popcorn--put in the oil, "glug glug glug,' then put in the salt "tsh, tsh, tsh,: then, put in the popcorn (the balls) "ker-plink, ker-plank, ker-plunk," then the pan gets warmer, and warmer, then it finally POPS! “Popping” balls in the air to see how high you can get them. There's also a version, Popcorn by the Barenaked Ladies.


Ring Around the Roses


Row, Row, Row Your Boat: Start off by sitting on the floor and tugging back and forth in a see-sawing motion.


See-Saw Pull:  From a sitting position, have the children pull the chute back and forth in a see-sawing motion.


Turtle Game: Have the children sit so only their heads are poking out. Why are they carrying the shell on their backs?


Umbrella: to the tune of The More we Get Together

Come under my umbrella, umbrella, umbrella--

Come under my umbrella, it's starting to storm                     (gentle waving of the parachute)

There's thunder and lightning, and flashing and crashing!     (fast, jerky movement of the parachute)

Come under my umbrella, it's starting to storm.                    (back to gentle)


Waves: While gripping the chute, everyone moves their arms up and down to make small and large waves.


Wheels on the Bus


If using balloons be mindful of those with a latex allergy!


  • Our Toddler Time is ages 2 to 3 1/2 and we use a parachute with these guys all the time. Our Mother Goose on the loose is ages 12-24 months so we don't use it with them since some of the youngest ones just don't get it, anyway they get to use the bubble machine.
  • Babies are terrified if they are put underneath, even in a tent-like situation (My 2 boys HATED parachute time, and I won't do it in my programs until kids are about 2 years.)
  • I have 12 handles on my parachute. My group size ranges from 3 to 24. You need at least 4 preschoolers to manage the chute effectively, but 24 is way too big. I think you can go about 4 over the number of handles, so if I were you, I'd limit it to 12. Children under 3 have not been physically able to manipulate the chute
  • I have a small 8 handle one, which can get about 12 kids around it.
  • I have used both the parachute and bean bags with my toddlers (2-3yrs).  The parachute seems to be their favorite though!  I have never had any toddlers cry because of it.  I even use it in my walkers (12-24 mos) sessions.  If you're afraid of upsetting them, you can try what we do for the walkers.  We have the kids sit on the parachute, while the parents hold the handles.  Then we walk in circles to music.  The kids get a kick out of it, and there's no shaking up and down to frighten them.

Putting the parachute away:  While the caregivers are holding the parachute tell everyone to count up to three while bringing the parachute up in the air.  Tell all that on the count of three they are going to bring the parachute up and let go to see how high it can go.  When everyone lets go, you hold on and quickly roll up the parachute.



My Red Umbrella, Robert Bright

Mushroom in the Rain, Mirra Ginsburg  

The Wind Blew, Pat Hutchins (placed in the parachute everything that the wind blows - top hat,

scarf, newspapers, mail, etc)


More offerings-PARACHUTE PLAY


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