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see also: Teddy Bear Picnic



What do you see?

What's in the basket,

That's good to eat?


We're going on a picnic, gotta pack a lunch,

What should we take to munch, munch, munch?


5 Little picnic baskets waiting by the door,

One went to the park, then there were __.

4 Little picnic baskets, full as they could be,

One went to the lake, then there were __.

3 Little picnic baskets, yellow, red and blue,

One went to the backyard, then there were __.

2 Little picnic baskets, sitting in the sun,

One went to the neighbor's house, then there's only __.

! Little picnic basket, I think it should be...

Taken on a picnic by you and ME!


5 hungry ants,

Marching in a line,

Came upon a picnic

Where they could dine.

They marched into the salad,

They marched into the cake,

They marched into the pepper,

Uh-oh! That was a mistake!


(toss ants when you sneeze)


Let's have a picnic                    (rub tummy)

I'll bring the cake!                    (point to self)

You bring the sandwiches,       (point to another)

The best you can make.

After we eat, we'll play and dance   (dance around)

Picnic is over! Here come the ants! (run away)


Come along & eat the food,

It's picnic time once more.

Hot dogs, burgers, and apple pie,

Let's hope the rain won't pour.

Come along & play the games,

The gang's together now.

Racing, throwing, pitching, rowing,

Let's all take a bow!



The Ants Go Marching

Teddy Bears' Picnic


Extras: Toss the apples into the basket; edible campfires

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