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see also: Picture Books With Recipes; Recipes for Storytime



Stretch the dough. (actions) 

Spread the sauce. 

Sprinkle on the cheese. 

Cook the pizza. 

Cut the pizza. 

I’ll have a big slice please!

                --Gail Benton 



5 Little children all in a row, 

Ordered a pizza, in a box to go! 

The 1st one said, “Pepperoni tastes so fine.” 

The 2nd one said, “I want mushrooms on mine.” 

The 3rd one said, “I like sausage that’s hot!” 

The 4th one said, “I want cheese—a lot.” 

The 5th one said, “Be sure to add some spice!” 

And they all had pizza that tasted very nice.


It's round and made of dough,

Topped with sauce and cheese, just so.

It's big and round--a special treat,

Filled with vegetables and meat.

It's a pizza, cooked just right,

Are your ready--have a bite!


How to you make a pizza grow?

You pound and you pull and you stretch the dough

And throw in tomatoes and oregano.

Pizza platter for twenty-two,

Pour on the oil and soak it through.

Pizza slices for forty-four,

Chop up onions, make some more.

Pizza pie for sixty-six

With mozzarella cheese that melts and sticks.

Pizza pizza for ninety-nine

With pepperoni sausage ground-up fine.

Pizza pizza stretch the dough,

Pizza pizza make it grow.

          --Eve Merriam


This is the crust that Sally made.

This is the sauce, so red and so sweet.
That goes on the crust that Sally made.

These are the olives, so black and salty.
That goes on the sauce, so red and so sweet.
That goes on the crust that Sally made.

(Additional Verses)
These are the peppers, so green and crunchy.
This is the pineapple, fresh from Hawaii.
This is the pepperoni, so hot and spicy.
This is the cheese so gooey and chewy.
This is the tummy, so hungry and lively.
And that was the pizza that Sally made.

(can be made into a flannel board)


The Baker wanted me to know

That underneath the cheese and sausage bits,

And pepperoni slices,

And beneath the onions,

And mushrooms and green pepper dices,

The only thing that counted

Was the dough.

          --Arnold Adoff

What's on the Menu?


Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, pizza man      (clap hands)
Make me a pizza as fast as you can    (shake finger)
Roll it                                                    (roll)
Toss it                                                   (pretend to toss in air)
Sprinkle it with cheese                        (sprinkling motions)
Put it in the oven                                 (pushing motion)
And bake it fast, please!



I Am a Pizza (call and response song)

Oh, I Wish I Were a Pepperoni Pizza

On Top of My Pizza

P-I-Z-Z-A (Tune of BINGO)

Silly Pizza Song (with signs--Storytime Underground, Lisa Flanagan, 3-11-20)


Flannel Board: 

The Pizza That Sally Made


Draw and Tell:

The Pizza Maker



Pizza box relay


Extras:  talk about the different toppings; make a pizza using different colored paper; Make the kids into pizzas--from the book PETE'S A PIZZAPizza cookies 



"Hi, Pizza Man," Virginia Walter, c.1995

Pizza at Sally's, Monica Wellington, c.2006

Pete's a Pizza, William Steig

Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza, Philemon Sturges

More offerings-PIZZA




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