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Reader's Advisory

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"All the surveys we've seen, conducted by librarians as well as non librarians, indicate that there is virtually no service library users value more highly than the ability to match a book with a reader or to answer the question, 'What do I read next?'" ~ Francine Fialkoff

Here are some great websites to use when helping kids determine what to read next!!



ALA/Reader's Advisory

E.B. White Read-Aloud Awards

Kent District Library's What's Next Database


The Reading Zone Blog 


AR--PUBYAC 6-21-2011

Here is the closest site we could find to a *free* equivalent to AR:  Sylvan Book Adventure.  The website is: http://www.bookadventure.com  We also have had the same requests and sent them to Sylvan. 

No response from our patrons if they liked or disliked.


Leveling Easy Readers--Discussed at J meeting 10-12-2011


Transitioning to YA--PUBYAC 8-22-2011


PUBYAC 9-21-2011

         When you recommend to patrons, point out that they should look at the site's review guidelines to see how the books are rated and by whom.


J Meeting, 9-8-2015

  • Be approachable
  • Ask patrons what they like to not only read, but watch on TV, what their interests are, etc
  • Suggest titles within comfort zone and perhaps a title or two that may be an introduction into another genre  

  • Don't forget about the non-fiction, magazines and graphic novels that are also on your shelves


Don't forget the MCLS Booklists!!!


 Here at Greece, I created an internal Blog for the children's staff. We use this to explore the variety of children's literature. There is usually a task and everyone has to post an example of JNF or Biographies, so that everyone can look at it and use it for readers advisory. --Cathy    

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Looking For Great Reference Books for the Collection pertinent to today's world.

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