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Recipes for Storytime

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Generally, a simple "snack" is preferable than a big treat when eating in the library. Little ones are quite happy with an animal cracker...or two. However, there are times when a particular storytime lends itself to being more creative. What have YOU had success with when it comes to "snacks?" BE SURE TO CHECK FOR FOOD ALLERGIES BEFORE SERVING CHILDREN FOOD IN THE LIBRARY. (For most recipes you can substitute sugar cookies instead of using peanut butter ones.) Think of Saxton Freymann when working with edibles. Traditional circle cookies, or cupcakes, may be decorated with funny, friendly or ghoulish faces. You can also decorate circle cookies for your favorite sport. Don't go crazy but have fun with the experience. Save the extra effort for special occasions, or for craft programs.  Because of allergies, you may elect to use a substitute for peanut butter, caramel or cream cheese works for most recipes.              

see also: Picture Books with Recipes; Books Cook  

               Tips for Successful Classroom Cooking             



Acorn Love

Apple Smiles

Ants on a Log

Banana Blankets

Bear Food

Black Cat--


Edible Campfire

Christmas Tree Veggie Platter

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments

Cookie Dominos

Crunchy Snack Mix--see Betty Crocker web site

Dino-sour Punch (see: Swamp Juice)

Fire Trucks


Ice Cream in a Bag

Ladybug Snacks

Leaf Cookies

Mice Cookies

Mini Cupcakes

Monkey-face Cupcakes

Mud Cups


Ocean Snack

Oreo Cookie Penguins 

Peppermint Pigs

Pizza Cookies 

Popcorn Hand

Pretzel Jewelry 

Puzzle Sandwiches

Rabbit Cupcakes


Robot Cake--see Betty Crocker web site

S'mores (no cook)

Safari Dip

Scarecrow Cookies

Cinnamon Snails

Snowflake Cookies


Pretzel Sparklers/Wands

Spider Cookies--see Betty Crocker web site

Sugar Cookies--can be cut any shape you wish

Swamp Juice

Teddy Bear Cookie Pops--see Betty Crocker web site

Thanksgiving Day


Traffic Light Stop'n'Go

Walking S'Mores

Witches' Hats--see Betty Crocker web site

Wolf Paw Prints

Worm Cookies

Worms in Dirt





Tips: have plenty of wet wipes, paper towels, waxed paper, plastic spoons, (using the back of a spoon,

rather than a knife, to spread is easier for Preschoolers to handle), & ask your staff to bring in aprons

or large towels to use as aprons.



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Jane McManus said

at 12:10 pm on Nov 10, 2009

Betty Crocker refused to give us permission to link directly to their website--that's why the recipes remain unlinked. JM

Jane McManus said

at 10:28 am on Nov 18, 2015

There were quite a few broken links, if you don't see your favorite recipe, try:https://www.pinterest.com/storylady101jm/recipes-for-storytime/ ('though, I can't guarantee those links either).

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