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Shakers and Bells

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Change the rhythm of the shakers or bells to fit the tempo of the music.


If you have a (pink) egg, (pink) egg, (pink) egg,                       

If you have a (pink) egg—shake it now.                                 

(Repeat using other colors)                                                    


Shake your egg along with me,

Along with me, along with me.

It’s as easy 1, 2, 3

1-2- 3!


Birds lay eggs, turtles do too.                                (Flap wings & creep like a turtle)

Eggs can come white, brown or blue.

Eggs can be scrambled, eggs can be fried.          (Scramble eggs, fry them)

When Spring comes they are dyed.                      (Pretend to dip egg)

But the best eggs that you can make,                   (Pretend to tape and glue)

Are the eggs that go shake, shake, shake!           (Shake your shakers)


5  Little shakers all in a row,

The first one says, “Shake me slow.”

The second one says, “Shake me fast.”

The third one says, “Shake me last.”

The fourth one says, “I like the noise I make.”

The Fifth one says, “Come on let’s shake, shake, shake!”


The fourth one says, “I’m like a chime.”

The fifth one says, “Ring us anytime.”)


Shake the shakers, its marching time,                                                    

Marching time, marching time.                          

Shake the shakers, its marching time,                

Shake, shake, shake.                                       

                        --Betty Silkunas                       


Shake, shake, shake your shaker                     

Shake them high and low.                                

Shake them all around the room,                      

Whichever way you go.

Shake, shake, shake your shaker                     

Shake them left and right.                                 

Shake them all around the room.                      

Shake them out of sight.                                   

            --Jean Warren        


Egg shakers up, and egg shakers down,

Egg shakers dancing all around the town.

Dance them on your shoulders,

And dance them on your head,

Dance them on your knees,

Then tuck them into bed. 

          --Storytime Underground, 10-6-2015


I heard a little jingle,
Right inside my house.
It sounded like the jingle
Of a little jingle mouse.
He jingled to the ceiling,
He jingled to the floor,
He jingled till he fell asleep,
And he began to snore!

          --Storytime Underground, 12-7-2015                          


Ring those bells & turn around, turn around,

Ring those bells & turn around all day long.

Ring those bells & stomp your feet, stomp your feet,

Ring those bells & stomp your feet all day long.

Ring those bells & jump up high, jump up high.

Ring those bells & jump up high all day long.



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Extras: Winton Shakers were made of plastic eggs, popcorn kernels and duct tape.


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