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Shopping and Money

Page history last edited by Jane McManus 3 years, 1 month ago

I went to the store                                                             

For a pear and a plum,                                                    

The fruit was all gone                                                        

So they sold me a drum.                                               

I asked them for butter,                                                   

They offered me glue.                                                                        

I tried to buy bread                                                                                        

But they sold me a shoe.

They sold me a lamp

When I tried to buy cheese.

Instead of potatoes,

I wound up with keys.

They didn’t have milk,

So they sold me an oar.

I’ll never go back

To that store anymore.

                --Jack Prelutsky



5 Copper pennies, I took them to the store,

One bought a peppermint, now there are 4.

4 Copper pennies, belong just to me,

One bought a pencil, now there are 3.

3 Copper pennies, I’ll share them with you,   

One bought a lemon drop, now there are 2.

2 Copper pennies as bright as the sun,

One bought a marble, now there is 1.

 1 Copper penny was all I had to pay,

 I placed it in my piggy bank for a rainy day.


Workers earn it,

Spendthrifts burn it,

Bankers lend it,

Others spend it,

Forgers fake it,

Taxes take it,

Dying leave it,

Heirs receive it,

Thrifty save it,

Misers crave it,

Robbers seize it,

Rich increase it,

Gamblers lose it,

I could use it.

          --Richard Armour


I found a penny today

Just laying on the ground.

But it's not just a penny,

This little coin I found.

Found pennies come from heaven,

That's what my grandpa told me.

He said the angels toss them down,

Oh, how I loved that story.

He said when an angel misses you,

They toss a penny down.

Sometimes just to cheer you up,

To make a smile out of your frown.

So don't pass by that penny,

When you're feeling blue.

It may be a penny from heaven,

That an angels tossed to you.


Coins are pleasant to the hand;

Neat circles, smooth, a little heavy.

They feel as if they are worth something.

          --Valerie Worth


Well, I know a song … It’s really kind of funny
It’s all about coins … And learning about money
Now a penny means one     (show one finger)
and a nickel means five       (show five fingers)
dimes are worth ten             (show ten fingers)
and quarters, twenty-five     (flash ten fingers twice, then five)
Five pennies in a nickel        (show prop)
two nickels in a dime           (show prop)
five nickels in a quarter        (show prop)
You’ll know it every time!



The Corner Grocery Store

I've Got Six-Pence

Skip, Hop to the Candy Shop

This Is a Story About Sammy/Tommy


Flannel Board:

Hey, What Country Folk We Be


Extras:  pennies; banks; coin purses



Don't Forget the Bacon, Pat Hutchins, c.1976

On Market Street, Anita Lobel, c.1981





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