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               Children Are Like Kites



"Spring is here," said the bumblebee.

How do you know?" asked the old oak tree.

"I see yellow daffodils,

"Dancing with the fairies, on the windy hills."


Little Johnny Jump-Up said:

“It must be Spring!

“I just saw a ladybug,

“And heard a robin sing.”


"It’s Spring! It’s Spring!”                                            

The dandelions shout.                                                  

“The sun is warm; the grass is green.

“Come out! Come out! Come out!”  


One Spring day, the sun shone bright,

But clouds came along, it was dark as night.

The wind blew hard, the rain came down,

The flowers stretched up from the soft, wet ground.

Then the wind, and rain, and clouds passed by

And a beautiful rainbow appeared in the sky.


(sing to: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star)

Wake up, wake up, Spring is here,

Watch buds burst and flowers appear,

There goes swallows on the wing,

Listen to the blackbird sing,

Wake up, wake up, Spring is here,

Watch buds burst and flowers appear.

Lambs are gamboling on the hills,

Dance with golden daffodils,

Bees are buzzing, skies are blue,

Feel the sun shine down on you.

Wake up, wake up, Spring is here,

Watch buds burst and flowers appear.

--Pam Ramage 


The wind told the grasses

And the grasses told the trees.

The trees told the bushes,

And the bushes told the bees.

The bees told the robin,

And the robin sang out clear:

Wake up! Wake up! Spring is here!

          --author unknown  


(sing to: Goodnight Ladies)

Goodbye winter, goodbye winter, goodbye winter

We wish you'd go away.

Goodbye snow, goodbye slush, goodbye shoveling,

We wish you'd go away.

Come back, Springtime, come back, Springtime, come back Springtime,

We hope you're here to stay.

Hello, green grass, hello flowers, hello birdies,

We hope you're here to stay.


Sing a song of seasons.

Lift your voice and sing.

Rain, green grass and flowers,

Bid welcome to this Spring.


The winds of March were sleeping,

I hardly felt a thing.

The trees were standing quietly,

It didn't seem like Spring.

Then suddenly the winds awoke,

And raced across the sky.

They bumped right into April,

Splashing sping-time in my eye.


A big, round sun,

In an April sky,

Winked at a cloud,

As it passed by.

The gray cloud laughed,

As it scattered rain,

Then, out came

The big, round sun again!


I often sit and wish that I

Could be a kite up in the sky,

And ride upon the breeze and go,

Whichever way I chanced to blow.


Two little sisters went walking one day,

Partly for exercise, partly for play.

They took with them kites,

Which they wanted to fly,

One, a big centipede,

One, a great butterfly.

Then up in a moment the kites floated high.

Like dragons that seemed to be touching the sky!

          --Chinese Mother Goose Rhymes


I like kites, I like kites,

They fly high, they fly high.

They keep on spinning round and round,

Sometimes they even touch the ground.

They fly through the air without a sound.

Oh, I like kites.



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Extras:  flowers; seeds; kites; wind; thumbprints



Muddigush, Kimberley Knutson, c.1992

Rain, Robert Kalen, c.1978

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