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Libraries are more than books. Some kids need a little direction to get the creative juices flowing. I gleaned the following from PUBYAC contributors. If you're a member, check out the archives for 6-21-2010; 3-31-2010; 12-29-2008; 12-23-2008; 12-13-2008; 7-8-2008 and 9-8-2007. These tea parties can be geared for an American Girl Doll Party, a Fancy Nancy Party, an Olivia Party, or just an old fashioned get-together. Please add YOUR comments. Your colleagues would appreciate hearing what works, and what didn't!

(see also: American Girl--http://printables4kids.com/american-girl-printable-activities/

               Fancy Nancy--http://printables4kids.com/fancy-nancy-printables/

                    see also: Fancy Nancy Science Party




  • Suggest that the attendees would like to bring their favorite doll, or bear.
  • Invite the Moms, too, (you can always use the extra hands)
  • Or have the girls escorted by Dads, Grandpas or Big Brothers 
  • It is recommended to have a sign-up sheet and some age guidelines--for the kids, not the Moms.



  • Try to set the stage with your most elegant dress

  • Let your guests know that they may want to attend “dressed in their best” OR that you will have a box of dress up props for girls who wanted to but didn’t think of it

  • Dollar Stores are a great source for boas, hats, bags, gloves and scarves

  • Have a fashion show for the dolls. Have the children write up a description of their doll's attire; have somebody else read the description as the doll is walked down the red carpet--a table with a red tablecloth.

  • Have a fashion show for the girls. Use a roll of red wrapping paper and tape it down, add gold wire star garland to the floor to make it look like a runway. The children walk to the end and back and everyone claps for them.  (Fancy Nancy, PUBYAC 3-25-2010)



  • Serve non-caffeine type beverages in tea cups, if possible, (apple juice, lemonade, tea, punch, pop)

  • Finger foods—tea sandwiches, apple slices, pretzels, (stay away from chocolate with the dolls)

  • Oreo’s, Salerno butter cookies, and Teddy Grahams come in miniature sizes that are great for dolls, (and the girls can have the regular size)

  • Use small cookie cutters to cut brownies into heart shapes

  • Bake mini muffins, scones, gingerbread men



  • Have displays for the girls to view—dolls, doll clothes, hats, teapots

  • Use real table cloths if you can, it adds elegance

  • Centerpieces--silk flowers, doilies especially on serving pieces

  • Pastel colored netting, as swags, bunting

  • Clear plastic plates are far better than foam or paper, if you have disposable. Have the guests decorate the dishes with flower stickers

  • Have music playing in the background

  • Get real tea cups from thrift stores. The cups will cost between fifty cents and a dollar a piece, and are a nice balance between fancy and affordable. (Webster)



  • Fans

  • Make butterfly wings to hang on their wall or you trace the shape of the wings on poster board or large wish (they loved using stick on jewels for this).  Where the wings join at pretty ribbons through the holes so the kids can wear the wings like a

  • Print out Fancy Nancy stickers, activity sheets, and paper doll templates at Harper Collins

  • Decorate wooden picture frames with jewels & sparkly foam stickers

  • Placemats (color your own)

  • Journals

  • Scrapbooks

  • Crowns/tiaras--out of cardboard cut-outs, decorate with jewels, or fun-foam

  • Wands

  • Decorate a headband, a teacup, tin-can pencil holder

  • Create a fancy "hat"...more like a crown. Cut out the middle of a paper plate, leaving the outer ring for the hat.  Then, pull out lots of "fancy" materials..glitter, jewels, ribbon, etc and let the kids decorate their hats.  Messy, but way fun! 
  • Contact AG for Raffle Prizes--posters, trading cards, bookmarks, stickers and pins

  • Make a rag, or wooden spoon-doll

  • Beaded jewelry for guest and/or doll

  • Butterfly Mask (Fancy Nancy)

  • Tissue paper corsages (see tutorial on youtube)

  • Make a poncho, or easy garment for the Am. Girl Doll (PUBYAC 12-3-2011) 



  • Similar to those you would play at a shower
  • American Girl Quiz, or a manners trivia game 
  • Hangman's game with tea words
  • Bingo (w/ French words, tea vocabulary, and Fancy Nancy vocabulary)--tweak for other characters 
  • PIN--Plant a kiss on a frog; jewel on the tiara; tail on the posh puppy w/ a feather boa as the tail.
  • TOSS--
  • FLOOR--walk the red carpet--regal wave or fashion show commentary
  • RELAY-- balance book on heads; balance a sugar cube on a spoon over to the tea cup



  • Have various stations for crafts & games before ending with the "tea."
  • Read a book or a chapter, depending on your theme.
  • Use the ideas in the American Girl non-fiction "companion" books--craft, cookbooks, mystery kit...
  • A “short” program about table etiquette would be appropriate.
  • Set up a table as a "Hair Salon," with various small hair decorations: barrettes, brightly colored elastics, ribbons; small combs and brushes.
  • Add another table and set up a “Hat Shop” with inexpensive hat forms, lace, flowers and ribbons.
  • Dancing--country reel, waltz, square dance, Mexican hat dance.
  • American Indian stone games. (American Girl)
  • "The Story of Princess _______", on which escorts were to write what they remembered of when they first met their princess (wording it that way made it work for any relation).



  • Get adult help to “serve”



  • Most supplies can be purchased in bargain bins at craft stores or Dollar Stores.
  • Even so, figure about $50-60 for a dozen girls, if you're going to make a splash.



  • About an hour-and-a-half should be sufficient.

More offerings: FANCY TEA PARTIES

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