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on March 31, 2010 at 7:42:05 pm

Libraries are more than books. Some kids need a little direction to get the creative juices flowing. I gleaned the following from PUBYAC contributors. If you're a member, check out the archives for 3-31-2010; 12-29-2008; 12-23-2008; 12-13-2008; 7-8-2008 and 9-8-2007. These tea parties can be geared for an American Girl Doll Party, a Fancy Nancy Party, an Olivia Party, or just an old fashioned get-together. Please add YOUR comments. Your colleagues would appreciate hearing what works, and what didn't!

(see also: American Girl--http://printables4kids.com/american-girl-printable-activities/

               Fancy Nancy--http://printables4kids.com/fancy-nancy-printables/




  • Suggest that the attendees would like to bring their favorite doll, or bear.
  • Invite the Moms, too, (you can always use the extra hands)
  • It is recommended to have a sign-up sheet and some age guidelines--for the kids, not the Moms.



  • Try to set the stage with your most elegant dress
  • Let your guests know that they may want to attend “dressed in their best” OR that you will have a box of dress up props for girls who wanted to but didn’t think of it
  • Dollar Stores are a great source for boas, hats, bags, gloves and scarves
  • Have a fashion show for the dolls. Have the children write up a description of their doll's attire; have somebody else read the description as the doll is walked down the red carpet--a table with a red tablecloth.
  • Have a fashion show for the girls. Use a roll of red wrapping paper and tape it down, add gold wire star garland to the floor to make it look like a runway. The children walk to the end and back and everyone claps for them.  (Fancy Nancy, PUBYAC 3-25-2010)



  • Serve non-caffeine type beverages in tea cups, if possible, (apple juice, lemonade, tea, punch, pop)
  • Finger foods—tea sandwiches, apple slices, pretzels, (stay away from chocolate with the dolls)
  • Oreo’s, Salerno butter cookies, and Teddy Grahams come in miniature sizes that are great for dolls, (and the girls can have the regular size)
  • Use small cookie cutters to cut brownies into heart shapes
  • Bake mini muffins, scones, gingerbread men



  • Have displays for the girls to view—dolls, doll clothes, hats, teapots
  • Use real table cloths if you can, it adds elegance
  • Centerpieces--silk flowers, doilies especially on serving pieces
  • Pastel colored netting, as swags, bunting
  • Clear plastic plates are far better than foam or paper, if you have disposable. Have the guests decorate the dishes with flower stickers
  • Have music playing in the background
  • Get real tea cups from thrift stores. The cups will cost between fifty cents and a dollar a piece, and are a nice balance between fancy and affordable. (Webster)



  • Fans
  • Placemats (color your own)
  • Journals, scrapbooks
  • Crowns out of cardboard cut-outs, decorate with jewels, or fun-foam
  • Decorate a headband, a teacup, tin-can pencil holder
  • Contact AG for Raffle Prizes--posters, trading cards, bookmarks, stickers and pins
  • Make a rag, or wooden spoon-doll
  • Beaded jewelry for guest and/or doll
  • Butterfly Mask (Fancy Nancy)
  • Tissue paper corsages (see tutorial on youtube)



  • Similar to those you would play at a shower
  • American Girl Quiz, or a manners trivia game
  • Relay races: balance book on heads; balance a sugar cube on a spoon over to the tea cup
  • Hangman's game with tea words



  • Have various stations for crafts & games before ending with the "tea."
  • Read a book or a chapter, depending on your theme.
  • Use the ideas in the American Girl non-fiction "companion" books--craft, cookbooks, mystery kit...
  • A “short” program about table etiquette would be appropriate.
  • Set up a table as a "Hair Salon," with various small hair decorations: barrettes, brightly colored elastics, ribbons; small combs and brushes.
  • Add another table and set up a “Hat Shop” with inexpensive hat forms, lace, flowers and ribbons.
  • Dancing--country reel, waltz, square dance, Mexican hat dance.
  • American Indian stone games. (American Girl)



  • Get adult help to “serve”



  • Most supplies can be purchased in bargain bins at craft stores or Dollar Stores.
  • Even so, figure about $50-60 for a dozen girls, if you're going to make a splash.



  • About an hour-and-a-half should be sufficient.


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