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Winton's Flannel Board Holdings

Page history last edited by Jane McManus 4 months, 1 week ago

* Items will not be loaned but I'll get you a source or pattern if available. Check Flannel Friday for particular themes.






1 Elephant Went Out to Play                         (elephants)

5 Enormous Dinosaurs                                  (dinosaurs)

5 Green & Speckled Frogs                            (frogs)

5 Little Apples                                                 (apples)

5 Little Ducks                                                  (ducks)                    

6 Little Dogs                                                    (dogs)

6 Little Ducks                                                  (ducks)

A-Hunting We Will Go                                   (animals, rhyme) 

Aesop Fables                                                  (various)

Alphabet                                                         (filed with BINGO) 

Anancy                                                            (trickster spider)                                Storyboard

Apples, Five Little…                                        (apples, Autumn, scarecrow)               


Aunt Matilda's Cake                                      (mice, food)                 

Barnyard Animals                                          (various)                                              

BINGO                                                             (dogs) 

Birds                                                                (see also: owls)

Blue Ribbon Winners                                   (county fair, counting)                            Flannelgraphs, Jean Stangl 

Brown Bear, Brown Bear                              (animals, colors)

But No Elephants                                          (pets, moving, sunshine)                       But No Elephants, Jerry Smath

Butterflies                                                      (butterflies)      

Can You Find My Breakfast?                        (farm animals)                                        Flannelgraphs, Jean Stangl                     

Carl the Clown                                              (colors)

Cat                                                                  (cats)

Chicken Licken                                             (anxiety)                    

Chocolate Chip Ghost Story                       (colors, Halloween)

Christmas Tree                                            (Christmas)                  

Circus Wagons                                            (circus, animals)                                               

City Mouse/Country Mouse                      (mice, contentment)                                 Storyboard         

Colors                                                           (colors, ice cream)                               

Counting Crocodiles                                  (counting, crocodiles, monkeys)       Flannelboard Storytelling Book, Judy Sierra

Curtis Squirrel Goes Nuts*                        (squirrels, Autumn)                    

Daddy’s Tie                                                 (fathers)                                                          

Delbert the Dragon                                    (dragons, pizza, friendship)

Dog and His Bone                                      (dog, greed)                                              Fantastic Theatre, Judy Sierra

Dog's Colorful Day                                     (dog, colors)

Down on Grandpa’s Farm                         (farm animals)                          

Eency, Weency Spider                                (spider, water/glove)           

Elephant & the Monkey                            (elephant, monkey, cooperation)             Storytelling with the Flannel Board, book 2

Elephants in the Bathtub                           (elephant, bath)

Elf’s Coat                                                    (imagination, sewing)

Ellie the Evergreen                                    (trees, Christmas)                                 Short, Short Stories Jean Warren                                          

Farmer In the Dell                                     (farm animals)                                      Storyboard

Five Green and Speckled Frogs              (frogs)

Five Little…                                                (see specific theme, fingerplay)



The Fox and the Grapes                           (sour grapes)                                       Fantastic Theatre, Judy Sierra                                    

Friends                                                       (various animals)          

Ghost Called Matt                                     (colors, Halloween)                              Flannelgraphs Jean Stangl                                               

Gingerbread Man                                     (see also: Johnny Cake)                        Storyboard

Goldilocks and the Three Bears               (houses)

Goodnight, Irene                                       (animals, habitats)                                                     

Grandpa’s Magic Seed                             (grandfathers, growing, sunflowers)     Flannelgraphs, Jean Stangl

Great Tug of War                                      (trickster rabbit-elephant, whale)         Multicultural Folktales: Stories to Tell Young Children, Judy Sierra

Green for Go                                              (traffic stoplight)

And the Green Grass Grows All Around         (environment, tree)

Halloween                                                  (Halloween figures, colors)

Hello, Goodbye                                         (forest animals, rain, sounds)              Hello, Goodbye, David Lloyd                       

Horse in Striped Pajamas                        (zoo animals)                              

House in the Woods                                 (houses, various animals)                   Flannel Board Storytelling Book  Judy Sierra

How Do I Put It On?                                  (clothing)                                           How Do I Put It On?   Shigeo Watanabe                           

Hush, Little Baby                                       (sleep)                                        

I Had a Rooster, the Rooster Pleased Me    (farm animals)

I Like Trucks                                              (trucks, transportation)          

Ireland                                                       (St. Patrick’s Day)                                        

It Looked Like Spilt Milk                          (clouds, shapes)                                 It Looked Like Spilt Milk,  Charles Shaw

Jamie and Winter Dress                          (Winter, clothing)      

Jennie Jenkins                                          (colors)          

Johnny Cake                                             (see also: Gingerbread Man)               Flannel Board Storytelling Book, Judy Sierra        

Keys                                                            (mice, keys)                                                  

The King's Cookie                                      (royalty, baking, cookies)                                        

Kites                                                           (kites)

Little Mouse, Little Mouse                        (mice, houses)

Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything      (Autumn, Halloween)                  Little Old Lady...Linda Williams

Little Red Hen                                             (farm animals, baking)          

Little Red House                                         (apples)                    

Little Red Riding Hood                              (fairy tale)          

Little White Duck                                        (pond animals)                                               

Little Wooden Willie                                   (hats)          

Little Young Leprechaun                            (St. Patrick’s Day)                               Tamara Hunt

Make a Rainbow                                         (food, colors)         

Millie Wants to Play                                   (farm animals)                                    Janet Pedersen                         

The Mitten                                                   (winter dress, forest animals)

Mittens                                                        (matching, winter)          

Mixed-Up Animal Rhyme                         (sheep, chick, cow, farm, sounds)                                

Monkey and the Crocodile                       (trickster monkey, crocodile)            Flannel Board Storytelling Book, Judy Sierra

Monkey Face                                              (mothers, monkey)                           Monkey Face, Frank Asch

Mother Goose                                            (various)                    

Mouse & Thunder                                      (mice, rain)

Myrtle, the Turtle, Meets Leprechaun      (imagination, birthday, satisfaction)

Napping House                                           (sleeping)                             

No Dodos                                                   (extinction)                                   No Dodos by Amanda Wallwork

Ocean Colors                                              (ocean animals, colors)

Old Apple Tree                                            (apples, trees, squirrels)

Owls                                                             (owls)          

Paper                                                           (recycling)

Pizza                                                            (pizza)                                                                      

Peace and Quiet                                         (houses, farm animals, crowds)/

Pumpkins                                                    (pumpkins, Halloween)

The Rat’s Daughter                                    (rats, love, circular story)          Flannel Board Storytelling Book, Judy Sierra

Rattlesnake, Mouse & Coyote                    (trickster coyote)                     Flannel Board Storytelling Book, Judy Sierra         

The Scarecrow                                          (scarecrows, Autumn)

Shapes                                                      (shapes)                            

Sing a Rainbow                                        

Snowman (1) I have a very nice...             (Winter)

               (2) A chubby little snowman...   (Winter/check backroom)                              

Sounds                                                         (sounds)

Stone Soup                                                                    (cooperation, cooking)                    

Story of Ryan Raindrop                             (water)                                        

Susie Snowflake                                         (Winter)          

Tell Me A Story...                                         (reading, bear, hare)          

Three Billy Goats Gruff                               (goats, traditional)          

Three Little Kittens                                      (cats)          

Three Little Pigs                                           (houses, pigs)

Today is Monday                                         (days of the week, food)

The Train                                                      (train--in ST notebook)                    

The Turnip                                                   (cooperation, food)

Turtle Tale                                                   (pond life)                               Turtle Tale, by Frank Asch

Uwungelema                                               (African animals)                  Flannel Board Storytelling Book, Judy Sierra

Valentines                                                   (matching)

Vegetables                                                  (Autumn, harvest, food)                    

Who’s in the Forest?                                  (shapes, Christmas, reindeer)     Flannelgraph, Jean Stangl         

Why Bear Has a Short Tail                         (bear)                                          also in TOTLINE                  

Wide Mouth Frog                                           (frogs)                 

You Look Ridiculous Said the Rhinoceros...    (satisfaction)                         You Look Ridiculous...Bernard Waber                                     



Animals and Habitats





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