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Recreation Centers

Page history last edited by Jane McManus 2 years, 10 months ago

I gleaned some of the information from PUBYAC contributors. If you're a member check out the archives for "Is Outreach Dead?" PUBYAC 2-7-2005. Your colleagues would appreciate hearing what works for you. See also: Recreation Centers-Summer.


  • Desire to be listened to & offered the chance to contribute ideas;
  • A desire for space for themselves and their friends, which belongs to THEM
  • A need to have access to a wide range of appropriate materials, and the support of an interested adult.


By their very nature, Recreation Centers are receptive to public outreach. Yes, we are librarians, but we can bring the books/materials that enhance the other “fun activities.”


see also: Camp Songs, Chants, Audience Participation




Teen Council--Choose materials and programming for younger kids;

Cyber-navigators—teaching basic computer skills & web search techniques;

Partner with young men for reading aloud and homework help.

Showcase their own talents—photography; stories; videos; artwork…


Structure should probably follow a similar formula each time, (so the children know what to expect).

Time might vary--based on the activities. The following is just a guideline.

                                Introduction:  Alliteration Intro (suggested)

                                Ice Breaker         (10 min)

                                Main Activity      (30 min)

                                Closing               (5 min)

Activities and hand-outs should be age appropriate.


IF you cannot allow yourself time off the desk to get to the Recreation Center, you might want to have the recreation kids come to you OR turn your program into a kit that could be requested.



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