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3D Art Sculpture

Page history last edited by Jane McManus 10 years, 6 months ago

Libraries are more than books. Some kids need a little direction to get the creative juices flowing. The following was gleaned from a PLA 2010 workshop.

Talk about why it’s good to recycle (environment, space issues, aesthetics, waste etc.)

Challenge the children with this art project: can you make junk look interesting, attractive…and can you turn junk into something people want to keep?


Activities: Make A 3D Sculpture out of Junk


Elmers Glue

Electrical Tape

Duct Tape

Bendable wire

Pipe cleaners

Wire cutters

Permanent magic markers


A collection of junk and scraps, emphasize recycling things, instead of buying supplies. All items must be clean and not toxic.

Bottle caps, feathers, film canisters, paper scraps, sequins, netting, hardware, beads, fabric scraps, felt, fabric trim, small wood scraps, spools, tongue depressors, tissue paper, foil, tin foil, CDs, CD cases, match boxes, hair curlers, broken plastic toys, packaging etc.


Use wire, tape, and glue to attach things, and build robots, bugs, or other sculpture. Use beads, stickers, magic markers etc. to decorate your art.  Use your imagination!

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