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Reading to Dogs

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AKC Dog Safety Pamphlet


Tail Waggin Tutors

Best Practices for Dog Visit

  • Plan on the teams (dog and handler) to be there for one hour (the dogs are required to be on their best behavior during a visit so an hour is about their limit).  If any dog needs a break during the visit, the handler will let you know - this is unusual, but possible.
  • We like to keep the dogs somewhat spread out (3 feet or so) - this ensures that they are paying attention to the children and not to each other.
  • Having books pulled in advance is helpful.  Having a variety of reading levels is best. 
  • Books that are popular are books with or about dogs or animals in general (Henry & Mudge is one example)
  • Have a sign-up sheet either in advance or the day of the visit. Since the length of time would be dependent on the number of children, you can start with 5 or 10 min slots and then let children sign up for more than one if there are extras - or one per dog when multiple dogs are present. 
  • When it's time to rotate, if someone from the library could either ring a bell or make an announcement to let us know time is up that would be helpful (we are usually focused on our dogs and loose track of time).

We are very focused on safety - we must remain with our dogs at all times with the dog on leash.  Treats are unfortunately not allowed (unless the dog is being rewarded for performing a trick and then only the handler is able to give the treat).


Our dogs get credit for each visit that they perform, so most teams will ask someone at the library to sign their visitation form (it's sort of like earning a badge in Girl Scouts)


We are all expected to pick up after our dogs should they go to the bathroom outside the location.

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