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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trivia

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trivia Questions


1.  Who is the main character and narrator of Diary of a Wimpy Kid?  Greg Heffley

2.  Who wrote Diary of a Wimpy Kid?  Jeff Kinney

3.  What is the name of Greg’s older brother?  Rodrick

4.  What is the name of Greg’s younger brother?  Manny

5.  What is the name of Greg’s sister? Greg doesn’t have a sister

6.  Who is Greg’s best friend?  Rowley Jefferson

7.  What video game is Greg addicted to?  Twisted Wizard

8.  What is the name of the creepy kid who lives down the street that Greg tries to avoid?  Fregley

9.  What is the name of Greg and Rowley’s comic strip? Zoo-Wee Mama

10. What is the name of Greg’s buck-toothed comic character?  Creighton the Cretin

11. What is the name of Rodrick’s band? Loded Diper

12. What grade is Greg in?  7th

13. What is Manny’s nickname for Greg?  Bubby

14. What is Greg’s least favorite comic strip?  Li’l Cutie

15. What happens if you touch the cheese on the basketball court? You get the “Cheese Touch”

16. Who ate the old, moldy cheese on the basketball court?  Rowley

17. What is the only way to defend yourself from getting the cheese touch?  Crossing your fingers

18. Instead of real money, what does Greg’s mom pay him for doing chores?  Mom Bucks

19. What girl does Greg have a secret crush on?  Holly Hills

20. What does Manny call his blanket?  Tingy

21. What forbidden word did Manny invent that caused him to cry in church?  Ploopy

22. Who is Rowley’s favorite singer?  Joshie

23. What word does Fregley use when he has to go to the bathroom?  Juice

24. What are the names of Greg’s mom and dad? Frank and Susan

25. What author is Greg afraid of? Shel Silverstein

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