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Fairy Houses

Page history last edited by Jane McManus 12 years, 9 months ago

Libraries are more than books. Some kids need a little direction to get the creative juices flowing. I gleaned the following from PUBYAC contributors. Please add YOUR comments. Your colleagues would appreciate hearing what works and what doesn't.

see also: http://www.fairyhouses.com/education/libraries/



  • Ages 4-10

  • Come build your own fairy house that can be relocated to your backyard. Bring the whole family for some all natural fun! If the weather prevents us from going outside, we will hold an alternate program indoors...but still bring your natural building materials!  We will make another natural craft to entice fairies to your own yard. 

  • Spring—Summer—Fall



  • Please bring your own supply of building materials: natural, non-living “found” materials such as pine cones, shells, sticks, dried flowers (from your own yard only), feathers, corn husks, seed pods, all-natural wool,  and a piece of bark for a base. We will have a limited supply on hand to share. 
  • Provide tables covered with newspaper and lots of glue guns for the adults to use, and the space to create!



  • Read a fairy book/poem
  • Famous fairies match up
  • Talk about what a fairy home might look like.


  • Get teen or adult help for the little ones. Probably best advertised as a family program.  



  • Minimal—Most supplies can be picked up in your own backyard!


  • About an hour-and-a-half should be sufficient

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