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see also: http://www.dltk-kids.com/animals/mplate-raccoon.htm


Ricky Raccoon is a bandit, they say,

He'll pilfer your vittles and scurry away.

So if you go camping, watch out for this guy;

He'll snatch up your lunch in the wink of an eye.

          -- Ruth Dowell 

Move Over, Mother Goose


Raccoons, raccoons in the night                         (put hand above eye and look around)
With your masks, you’re quite a sight.                (make oval with hands and put up to face around eyes)

Your keen noses smell food in our trash,            (sniff)
So you knock down our cans with a CRASH!      (clap hands when you say “crash”)

          --Susan M. Dailey


One little raccoon looking for things to do,

Along came another and then there were two.

Two curious raccoons trying so hard to see,

Along came another and then there were three.

Three clever raccoons trying to open the door,

Along came another and then there were four.

Four happy raccoons glad to be alive,

Along came another and then there were five. 

Five little raccoons as tired as can be,

Looked up for a place to rest and scurried up the tree.


(sung to: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
Raccoon, raccoon, climbing a tree,
Wearing a mask, you can't fool me.
Hiding there so I can't see
What you're doing in that tree.
Raccoon, raccoon, climbing a tree,
Wearing a mask, you can't fool me.


(sung to: Kookaburra)
Raccoon sleeps in a hollow tree
While the sun shines on you and me.
Sleep, raccoon.
Sleep, raccoon,
Warm and cozily.
In the darkest part of night
Raccoon has the best eyesight.
Look raccoon,
Look, raccoon,
My, your eyes are bright.
Raccoon hardly makes a sound
When he prowls all around.
Hunt raccoon,
Hunt raccoon,
Find food on the ground.


Extras:  eggs



Raccoon on His Own, by Jim Arnosky c2001

The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn c1993

Waddles, by David McPhail c2011

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