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Gardening Program

Page history last edited by Jane McManus 7 years, 11 months ago

Libraries are more than books. Some kids need a little direction to get the creative juices flowing. I gleaned the following from PUBYAC contributors. If you’re a member, check out the archives for 4-30-2012. Please add YOUR comments. Your colleagues would appreciate hearing what works, and what didn't!

"Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots"

 Last summer we had a gardening program sponsored by our local agricultural department.  They sent us a bunch of kits from Growums, http://store.growums.com/   They have several different kinds of kits, including a Pizza garden kit, which come with all the different seeds.  

Kit Includes  

    * 1 package:  Roma Tomato Seeds

    * 1 package:  Basil Seeds

    * 1 package:  Oregano Seeds

    * 1 package:  Bell Pepper Seeds

    * 8  Coco Pellets

    * 8 Plant Tags (2 per veg.)

    * Easy to read Directions

The kits are $9.99 but if the garden is to be kept at the library you

shouldn't have to buy too many kits.  The kids loved them.


Pizza garden.

Plants needed include:  tomatoes, green peppers, basil, onions, parsley and oregano.

Directions:  Plan out this garden bed into a circle shape and divide it into triangles.

Optional:  Plant a row of marigolds around the outside edge of the circle for the "crust".


Additional ideas:

Peter Rabbit Garden

Plants needed include:  lettuce, peas, chamomile, parsley, radishes, onions, cucumbers, and beans (climbing or bush).

Directions:  Plan out garden plot into a rectangle dividing it into small squares with pathways for access.  Use the cucumber and beans for the back as they get taller and will shade the other plants.  You might make a trellis for these to climb up.  These plants do not require a lot of room and offer quick results.


Vegetable Spaghetti Garden

Plants needed include:  Roma tomatoes, red or green bell peppers, white onions, Greek oregano, bush variety of spaghetti squash.

Directions: regular spaghetti squash varieties will require more room but can be laid out creatively.


Butterfly Garden

Plants needed may include:  lavender, bee balm, blue silvia, sweet william, marigolds, phlox, and butterfly milkweed.

In addition to nectar plants, butterflies also need host plants for their offspring. 

Caterpillars need plants such as:  dill, borage, parsley, Queen Anne's lace, fennel, and red clover.

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