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Page history last edited by Jane McManus 7 years, 1 month ago

(sing to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Mr. Moon, what do you see?                      (point up, then put hand above eyes and look around)

Three little opossums hanging in a tree    (hold up three fingers pointing down)

Shiny black eyes in the night                      (make small circle with fingers and hold up to eyes)

With whiskers and snouts of white             (put hands away from face, then bring one hand forward and into point in front  of nose)

Hairless tails and bodies gray                    (show "tail,” move hands from top of body to bottom)

But one little opossum just ran away.        (slap hands against legs quickly)


What do I see outside my house?         (put hand above eyes, look around)

Is it a bird?  Is it a mouse?                     (make appropriate sounds)

No, it's a opossum, opossum, opossum.      (slap legs each time you say possum)

No, it's a possum, yes sirree!                 (clap hands three times on "yes sirree!")

What do I hear going pitter-pat?         (put hand to ear)

Is it a dog?  Is it a cat?                          (make appropriate sounds)

No, it's a opossum, opossum, opossum.

No, it's a opossum, yes sirree!

What do I know, up in a tree?              (tap head on side)

Is it you?  Is it me?                                (point to kids, point to self)

No, it's a opossum, opossum, opossum.

No, it's a opossum, yes sirree!


Extras: Pretended to "play opossum." The kids should be moving around and when you come near them with a dog puppet/stuffed animal, they have to quit moving and be still. The dog would sniff them to try to get them to move/laugh/etc.



Don't Laugh, Joe,  Keiko Kasza

Count the Possums, Dick Punnett

More offerings--OPOSSUMS

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