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See also: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/badgers.htm


Badgers one, Badgers all
Lets all do the Badger Crawl!          (Make claw hands and crawling motion)
Badgers Two, Badgers Three
Lets all climb the Badger Tree!       (Make claw hands and climbing motion)
Badgers Four, Badgers Five
Lets all do the Badger Jive!            (Circle Jive and Dance)
Badgers Six, Badgers Seven
Lets all go to Badger Heaven!         (Make Praying Hands)
Badgers Eight, Badgers Nine,
Stop ! It’s Badger Time.                  (Crazy Badger Dancing)
Go Badgers, Go Badgers, Go Badgers !


Betty Botter bought a beaver.
But the beastly beaver bit her.
So she bought a biting badger.
And the badger bit the beaver.
Since the badger bit the beaver,
Now the beaver will not bite her.
So 'twas better Betty Botter
Bought a beaver-biting badger.

          --Bruce Lansky,

Funny Little Poems for Funny Little People


Extras: see link for crafts



Badgers's Fancy Meal, Keiko Kasza, c.2007

Bedtime for Frances, Russell Hoban. c.1960

Hazel's Amazing Mother, Rosemary Wells, c.1985

More offerings-BADGERS


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