MCLS 9-12-2012

Children's Librarians Meeting


Gates Public Library


Amy Holland, West Irondequoit; Robin Benoit, Fairport; Matt Krueger, Brockport; Anne Hicks, Henrietta; Claret Bob-Duru, Lincoln; Judy Carpenter, Penfield; Jennifer Caccavale, Penfield; Jane McManus, Winton; Colleen Crispino, Webster; Olivia Durant, Webster; Bruce Tehan, Arnett; Amy Hogue, Parma; Joan Celentano, Rush; Miranda Hazen, Central; Peg Tyler, Pittsford; Elissa Schaeffer, Brighton; Missie Malo, Scottsville; Kelsy Hibbard-Baker, Fairport; Amy Joslyn, Fairport; Cathy Henderson, Greece; Shamika Ledesmas, Lincoln; Natalie Burch, Highland; Jeanne Slocombe, Winton; Meghan Kitz, Wheatley; Maria Heeks-Heinlein, Sully; Pat Connor, Lyell; Anne Strang, Ogden; Ruth Otto, East Irondequoit; Jason Poole, Webster; Shana Lynott, Webster; Mary Jo Smith, Gates; Tonia Burton, Central


General announcements:

~2000 more kids and teens signed up for summer reading this year – great job everyone!

Linda Schmackpfeffer of Baby Signing Time dropped off fliers with Mary Jo.  If you want to schedule classes, her email address is:


County civil service presentation:

Nicole and Eileen from the county answered questions about civil service.  They will email Tonia the answers to the questions, and Tonia will email to us.

Nicole and Eileen covered questions about county civil service – city civil service is different 

Librarian I & Librarian II exams are held twice a year – in April and October

What makes someone reachable on the list?

Canvas letters

How can I get a copy of the civil service job description?


Are there civil service limits to the number of hours you can work if you are not a civil service employee but work with other employees in the same job title that are civil service?

What gets you off the list?

Scoring the exam:


Demonstration of AWE Early Literacy Station:

«  Joan Wicks ( the system for us

«  They just came out with version 9, which has 63 programs

«  Librarians and educators helped to pick programs

«  Many programs correlate to state standards

«  Stations have touch screens and are very colorful – may be helpful for children with disabilities

«  Can get the stations with headphones, but only 50% of libraries do this because of head lice (ew!)

«  Joan showed us a couple of programs, including My Amazing Body (with Seymour Skinless)

«  Can set up the stations so that they only display programs on a certain subject (i.e., you can set it up so station only displays reading programs)

«  Can connect station to screen/whiteboard – could do some programs with larger group, this is an idea especially for programs that correlate with summer reading theme

«  Can set up banners that appear when station isn’t in use – way to acknowledge group that paid for station

«  Can set up timed sessions – good if station is popular

«  Printing capability

«  Can set so station shuts down automatically during closed hours

«  Doesn’t really require training – very easy to set up

«  Grade levels aren’t assigned to programs – kids can choose based on their individual skill level

«  Has a cool painting program


Tonia – J stuff

Mentioned the importance of being in the room during programs – if you’re not there, attendees can say anything they want about what happened

Performers showcase



Consultant’s Page on J Wiki:

Reminder on how to get into wiki:

Future meetings:

Random Notes:


Whew!  Hope I got it all right!

--Amy Holland, Pauline Evans