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See also: http://hedgehogcentral.com/behaviour.shtml


5 Little hedgehogs rolled up by the door,

1 wobbles off and now there are 4.

4 Little hedgehogs underneath a tree,

1 wobbles off and now there are 3.

3 Little hedgehogs wondering what to do,

1 wobbles off and now there are 2.

2 Little hedgehogs digging in the sun,

1 wobbles off and now there is 1.

1 Little hedgehog snuffling all alone.

He wobbles off and now there is none.


Here is a hedgehog prickly and small,      (hold hands together with fingers together)

Rolling himself into a ball.                         (cup both hands together into ball)

Here is a spider scuttling around,              (wriggle fingers like spider)

Treading so light on the ground.               (let fingers crawl up arm)

          --Part of the Ostrich Song


I’m a little hedgehog short and stout

See all my prickles, see my snout.

If you want to see me look about,

Say hello but please don’t shout!


Good morning Mr. Hedgehog,

And how are you today?

The morning’s fine, the sunbeams shine,

We hope you’ve come to stay.

We love your bright eyes twinkling,

And your shiny prickles too.

So small and round, upon the ground,

How funny to be you.


What's this round and prickly thing?

Can it be a pincushion?

No! Pincushions never grow,

In the fields where daisies blow.

Wait, and now I see a nose,

With four little tiny toes,

And as it opens in the sun,

How those black beetles cut and run!

But see, it hears a barking dog

And rolls up safe, that poor hedgehog.


Hedgehog and His Coat (poem)


Flannel Boards:



Extras: Hedgehog cookies; using toothpicks as the quills, have the kids make their own paper hedgehogs.



That Apple is Mine, by Katya Arnold, c. 2000

Happy Hedgehog Band, by Martin Waddell, c.1992

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