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Wizard of Oz

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Libraries are more than books. Some kids need a little direction to get the creative juices flowing. I gleaned the following from PUBYAC contributors. If you’re a member, check out the archives, 3-5-2013.  Please add YOUR comments. Your colleagues would appreciate hearing what works, and what didn't!



See also: http://www.pinterest.com/klnielsen71/wizard-of-oz/

               Wizard of Oz - Sing Along


Start by telling the story very briefly using an ipad app projected up on the screen.  It really just makes sure that everyone knows  the outline of the story and the main characters.



  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road



  • Yellow tablecloth on floor--careful, it may be slippery OR use yellow chalk to draw the road.
  • Green curtain
  • Black witch's costume and hat in a puddle on the floor with a sign: "Caution! Wet Witch."
  • Balloon Rainbow Arch
  • Pinwheels set around room
  • Paper chains in rainbow colors
  • Scarecrow
  • Signs: Munchkinland; You’re Not in Kansas; Emerald City; Oz



  • I know food crafts can be a problem these days with so many dairy, nut and wheat allergies. But if you do do food crafts here are a couple of ideas:   Recipes for Storytime  

  • Animal Crackers --Lions, Tigers and Bears

  • Bugles—It’s a twister!

  • Scarecrow cookies 

  • Broomstick Pretzels

  • Skittles (rainbow)

  • Ruby Red Punch OR

  • Melted Wicked-Witch Punch--Green Kool-Aid, lemon-lime soda, float a witch's hat on top




  • PIN—Heart on Tin Man
  • TOSS—Wicked Witch Hat –Ring Toss
  • FLOOR—broom  race
  • RELAY— Scarecrow Relay
    • The Scarecrow has fallen apart and you must put him together again.
      Need: Cut outs of head, pants, shirt, shoes, hat, etc. Place in pile. A wall or area pieces can be taped down.
      Line up teams. First to go must race to pile, find a piece of the scarecrow and then race to the wall/ ground area. Pin it down in place then race back to their team. Next in line goes until the scarecrow is complete. First team to finish their scarecrow wins. OR
    • Stuff a Scarecrow--Have clothes and straw ready and let the kids race to see which team can put him together fastest.
  • DUCK, DUCK, GOOSE—Witch, Witch, Wizard
  • Scavenger hunt throughout the library



  • Read a story/poem
  • Sing songs  -- Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  • Break group up to visit the various stations



  • A photo booth with diploma, heart, courage badge, witch's hat, and a quote that they can hole up, ie: There's no place like HOME.



  • Get teen or adult help to “serve”   



  •  Most supplies can be purchased in bargain bins of craft supply stores or at the Dollar Store.    



  •  An hour-and-a-half should be sufficient. (Dependent upon the number of children passing through, and how many stations are offered.)


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