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MCLS 2-11-2015

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MCLS J Meeting Minutes

February 11, 2015

Present: Jane McManus-Winton; Sarah Keppler-Highland; Erin Clarke-Highland; Cathy Henderson-Greece; Pat Connor-Lyell; Anne Hicks-Henrietta; Judy Carpenter-Penfield; Kim Whittmore-Charlotte; Ruth Otto-E. Irondequoit; Margaret Paige-Monroe; Bruce Tehan-Arnett; Tonia Burton-Central; Amy Joslyn-Fairport; Robin Benoit-Fairport; Annalize Ammer-Henrietta; Susan Carlson-Hamlin; Natalie Burch-Brockport; Kathy Wolf-Central; Rosa Diaz-Lincoln (notes); Jean Slocombe-Winton; Robin Lacagnina-Brighton; Stacey Martin-Chili; Elissa Schaeffer-Brighton; Miranda Hazen-Central; Maria Heeks-Heinlein-Sully


We would like to thank Maria for hosting our J meeting at Sully.



  • Tonia reminded us about the Summer Reading deadline March 1st for the MCLS Genesse Valley Parent Magazine insert.

  • Summer prizes- Tonia will let us know on what we will be able to get. She will try for

    Wendy’s, McDonalds, Rochester Museum & Science Center, The Strong, Genesee Country Village & Museum, Seneca Park Zoo, Applebee’s, Taco Bell, and Chuckie Cheese


  • April 8th J meeting is our Summit meeting and will be an all-day event 9:00-5:30 @ Rush Library

  • Kids comic will present at this meeting

  • Adrienne will speak on Caldecott

  • Tonia and Anne  will present on Every Child ready to Read


  • Take your Child to the Library postcards are being collected.  Please put them in delivery by next Friday, February 20, 2015.

  • Next year the cards will be different. 

  • Margaret handed out extra copies of Take your child to the Library program guide.

  • Tonia mentioned the MCLS website committee (No J librarians on committee).  She will try to be sure our ideas are included in design if nobody volunteers for the committee. 

    You can send Tonia ideas on the website. The email invitation from Brie Harrison was forwarded to the group.

  •  If you are part-time, keep your professional development (volunteer, etc) in an excel sheet for your records as experience.  (IMPORTANT)


          Centralized E-ordering

               -Most J librarians in favor of centralized ordering for overdrive

               -You can still order your own titles

               -Some % of your budget will be used for titles

               -Please talk to your directors about this.  


Sharing of Take your Child to Library Day

  • Winton- “crazy craft day” – 16 children and 10 adults participated

  • Greece- “behind the scenes tour” – tweens 30 participated

  • Central- “Amazing Race at the Library” –families had their own team; each division hosted a challenge, children’s staff worked at the challenges. 72 people participated in the race. –The families had a great time.

    (Tonia handed out race “plans” at meeting)

    Everyone who participated entered for Barnes & Noble gift card.  Other prizes were awarded.


  • Monroe- Story time- active songs and basket of jokes- between songs children would reach into basket and read a joke.  Ice-cream for breakfast day.  Trivia from Upstart guide was used and “find the bunny in the library” activity.

  • Lyell- Caricature Visiting Artist- Dave Boyer, He incorporated the interests of children into the drawing.  (He will be available for summer) cost -250.00 for 2 hours and stayed over.

    In attendance almost 2 – adults- (Ice cream sundaes with Cheerios) 40 people participated.

  • Henrietta – PBS shows streamed. “Peg and Cat” program (Interactive play).  Anne formed a band with the kids in attendance, played with apps using library devices and families received codes for apps. (PBS has partnerships to do interactive play)

    WXXI connections for programs are available for us – Ask Tonia




  • Kidsfest – MCLS decided to not participate in this for profit event, no funding available for the $500 fee.

  • MCLS –Looking at what services we offer (increase in outreach in 2016 for MCLS as a whole.

  • Discuss with your directors what staff will be participate in MCLS outreach, what is the goal, what should we offer at events, etc.

    • What are we getting out of outreach events?

    • What events are having a connection?

    • Think about the events you participate in and we will continue this discussion.


      -Have a paperback collection that will be available for checkout at events.

      -Touch-screen with Overdrive?

      -Letting patrons borrow items and if they are returned they get a prize?

  • Recruitment for TBF in May 16!

    -Volunteers needed @ Nazareth (set up is at 8:00am and festival goes to 4pm)

    Email Tonia with your volunteer availability  




  • Wondoo Planet – Greece- maybe next year summer reading sign up online

  • Margaret  (Monroe) asked about toys for ages & stages test for babies

    Does Toy Library have toys or resources (manipulatives) for these tests?

    Winton had ideas on Milk & Cookies Story – Make a bag for practicing baking

    -reinforce importance of play- similar activities

  • Greece- Cathy offered the idea of skills for children during playtime

  • Toy Library is working on workshops for late spring – Toys will be in the catalog so patrons can place holds.

    Toy Library borrowing policies

    -6 months with internal card

    -Borrowing limit – 9 items

    -Hours: Mon, Wed 10:00 – 5pm; Tues 10:00-1pm; Sat. 12-4:00pm



    Rosa Diaz, notes

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